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Statement of Philosophy
The Residence Life Office functions on the assumption that its activities and procedures should be educational in nature; we work closely with students, faculty, staff, and community members on concerns related to conflict resolution, appropriate citizen, and academic integrity. With this in mind we subscribe to the following principles in guiding our daily interaction with the campus community:

Guiding Principles
• Judicial Administrators are educators, their primary mission is the educational and personal development of all students
• Judicial Administrators should educate students about campus policies and the process related to taking accountability for associated actions
• Foster respect for the rights of others and teach ideals of community living
• Promote intellectual discovery, leadership, and service to society

What are Community Standards?
A community, particularly a residential community, must have certain expectations (standards) that must be observed in order to provide an atmosphere where students can be successful both academically and personally. The residential community has many functions and one of them is that it serves to facilitate engaging residential students with the overall College community. While many standards have been set by the College, others will be set in the residence halls through Community Agreements as well as Roommate and Suitemate Agreements. Students and their guests are responsible to the community for upholding all standards.

Affiliate Summer Housing

Limited summer housing is available to individuals who are not UB students. This is referred to as “UB Affiliate Housing.” No UB person number is required to apply for (or receive) this housing.

Who Should Apply?

You should apply for summer UB affiliate housing if you are not a UB student but you are: 

  • Attending university-sponsored programs
  • Participating in academic-related activities
  • Enrolled at another university and participating in a Buffalo-area internship

Application Process

  • To apply, please complete the Affiliate Housing application, by May 1, 2018.


  • The deadline to apply for guaranteed Affiliate Summer Housing is May 1st. Those applying after May 1, 2018 will be added to a wait-list. Applicants on the wait-list may be offered housing on a rolling basis from the time they apply up until their requested start date. Applicants who do not respond to their offer by the deadline provided will have their Affiliate Summer Housing request canceled.


  • Move in site will be based on assigned room location.
  • 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on (or after) your requested move-in date. Charges are based on requested move-in date/move-out date, not actual arrival or departure.

Available Dates

May 23 to Aug. 17, 2018


North or South Campus residence halls


  • Double - $35 per night
  • Single - $40 per night

Move In

  • Move in site will be based on assigned room location
  • 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Daily) on (or after) your requested move-in date. Charges are based on requested move-in date/move-out date, not actual arrival or departure.


Applicants can cancel Affiliate summer housing anytime up until May 1 without obligation. After May 1, applicants may only cancel with approved documentation. Use this form to submit your cancellation request 

  • Applicants canceling after May 1 but before check-in must submit their form and upload documentation showing that they are no longer participating in their approved activity. For example, if no longer participating in local internship, attach a letter or e-mail from the internship coordinator confirming this.
  • If applicants are "no shows" for their requested move-in date, we will e-mail them a reminder that they must complete a cancellation form with documentation noted above. We will not cancel/refund housing for applicants who fail to submit a cancellation form with acceptable documentation.
  • If there is some other reason for canceling while still participating in approved activity, we will consider other documentation relating to personal or financial issues.
  • Applicants who do not submit their Credit Card Authorization form by May 1 are subject to cancellation. Failure to submit prior to move-in date will have their request canceled and may not move-in.

Summer Housing Application for Early Release (cancellation after move-in)

  • Students must be participating in approved activity to live in Affiliate Summer housing. If no longer participating approved activity, students may submit a Summer Application for Early Release (AFER) form found here and upload valid documentation.
  • If AFER is approved, housing charges will be pro-rated based on actual move-out date.
  • If there is some other reason for requiring early release while still participating in approved activity, we will consider documentation relating to personal or financial issues.
  • We will not pro-rate housing charges for students who fail to submit an AFER form with acceptable documentation.

Changes in Requested Dates

  • Date changes are ONLY permitted prior to requested move-in by submitting a new application (we will assign based on the latest application submission date). Date changes are not permitted on or after the requested move-in date. If there is an extenuating situation (not covered by summer AFER process), students can contact Campus Living Summer Operations at jdz2@buffalo.edu
  • Please review this information, including the Summer Housing Terms and Conditions (for affiliates) and our Summer Housing Application carefully before submitting your request.

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