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Irs Ein Assignment Letter Copy And Paste

Updated 3/2/2018

Filing an EIN for your business is easy and can be done by almost anyone.  We show you how to file directly with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and will take less than 5 minutes.  Check out our instructions and video to see how easy it is to get a free tax ID number for yourself!

The other essential after filing your Articles of Organization with your state is to obtain an EIN number. An EIN, also called the Employer Identification Number, FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) or sometimes a Tax ID Number or taxpayer identification number, is sort of like a Social Security number for an individual, but instead used for a business.

While both an SSN and EIN have nine digits, they are written differently to help distinguish the two.

An EIN will be written as 12-3456789; while a Social Security number is usually written as 123-45-6789.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides the EIN numbers.

Your business needs an EIN even if you have no employees.

Despite the word “Employer” in the name, an EIN is important to get even if you don’t plan on hiring employees at first (or ever).  While most often thought of as the registration for reporting withholding taxes for employees, the number does a few other things for a business.

Banks will often ask for an EIN to open a business bank account, issue credit cards, or make loans.

Other businesses you deal with-such as resellers, wholesalers and affiliates will also ask for an EIN.  The EIN is also used when filing tax returns.

Almost all business entities are required to get an EIN, but one entity, the sole proprietorship is not required to get this number if they have no employees. Sole proprietors who do not have employees, do not need to apply for this tax identification number and will simply use the owner’s personal social security number.

Do it yourself and save

Most online companies that provide incorporation services also include a service for obtaining an EIN, often charging $75 or more. You can do this yourself for free. To apply for an EIN, all you need to fill out IRS form SS-4 or file online. The IRS does not charge any filing fee to obtain an EIN.

Some companies that charge for filing EINs claim that the IRS charges a fee, which they pass on to you. That’s simply not true. The IRS gives you an EIN free if you fill apply yourself.

When Do you Apply for an EIN?

Be sure to wait and apply for an EIN until after your legal entity is formed.  You must have the legal name of the business match the business name on the EIN application, otherwise there will be issues when filing the federal tax returns for the business.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Employer Identification Number?

Filing for the Federal Tax ID Number online will take less than 5 minutes and you have the number almost immediately.  Mailing the SS-4 is quite a bit slower and will take at least 4-5 weeks.

How Long is an EIN Good For?

As long as you use the EIN on a federal tax return at least once in the last 3 years, the EIN will not expire.

How Do I Apply for an EIN?

You can download the form from the IRS website at:

IRS Form SS-4 download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format or copy and paste the following URL into your browser:


You have the option to call in to the IRS’s toll-free number (the number you can call is printed on the form) with your Form SS4 information and obtain an EIN over the phone.

If you prefer to fill out an online application, fill out the IRS EIN Online Application.  This is the fastest option

Note that the above link is only active Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern time (yes, I know, hours of operation for a webpage…)

This video shows how to apply for an EIN

Video Transcription

Welcome to this video on how to get an EIN, presented by StartingYourBusiness.com.

The EIN number, also known as an Employment Identification Number, FEIN, or Federal Employment Identification Number is a number much like a social security number for a person, but instead for a business. Today we will show how you can apply for one in about 5 minutes.

To get started, go to irs.gov

Next click on the top tab labeled filing
Then on the left side of the page click on the link for small businesses & self-employed.

Now on the right side of the page click on the link to apply for an employer identification number.
One important note – you can only apply for an EIN between 7am & 10pm, Monday through Friday Eastern Time.

Click on Apply online now

A privacy warning pops up. Assuming you are ok with the terms, click OK.

This page has some basic information on the application and the IRS provides explanations of terms with the underlined text. Just click on that text if you need more information. When you are ready to start click on begin application.

Here we select the legal structure of the business that the EIN is being applied for. If you aren’t sure what entity to choose, please refer to step 2 for your state on startingyourbusiness.com. In this example, we will choose the Limited Liability Company, but the other entities go through a similar process to register the EIN. After choosing the appropriate entity, click on Continue.

The next page gives a brief overview of the entity that was selected from the previous page. Assuming this choice is still correct, click on continue.

In this page, we enter the number of members in the LLC and the state or territory where the LLC is located. Enter your information, which will match the state you filed your LLC with and click continue.

This page asks to confirm the previous selection. In addition, there are two IRS forms which determine the taxable status of the LLC. Take a look at those and click continue.

Now we are asked about why an EIN is being requested. Choices include started a new business, hired employees, banking purposes, changed type of organization or purchased active business. Select the one that best corresponded to your reason. In this example, we are choosing started a new business and then clicking continue.

The next screen asks who the responsible party of the LLC is, meaning who is filling out the request for an EIN on behalf of the LLC. For most, the answer will be either the owner, a member, their accountant or attorney, If that’s the case select the individual.
Next, provide the information of the individual filling out the request. Enter that person’s name and social security number. Choose whether the individual is an owner or member Or a third party like an accountant or attorney and click continue.

Now we are being asked to provide information regarding the physical location of the LLC, which should be the same as the address information of the LLC filed with your state. It must be a US address and PO Boxes are not allowed. Next, enter a phone number. Also if you want documents sent to an address different from the physical address above, click yes and enter the address. Some will choose this if they want their accountant or attorney to manage correspondence with the IRS. Make sure this information is correct and click continue.

Next the IRS requests additional information about the LLC like the legal name which must match the articles of organization, trade name if it is different than the filed name, county and state where the LLC is located and the state where the articles are filed, which may be different if they are filed with an out-of-state owner, accountant or attorney. Select the LLC start date, check for errors and click continue.

We are close to finishing and now being asked if the business owns a highway motor vehicle weighing over 55,000 pounds, involves gambling, filing excise taxes, manufactures alcohol, tobacco or firearms and if there are plans to hire employees in the next 12 months. Select yes to any of the responses that apply to your business, otherwise select no and click continue.

Here choose the category that best describes what your business does. If none of them do, choose other where you can pick from consulting, manufacturing, organization, rental, repair, sell goods, service or if those don’t apply, there is a field to type in the particular information for your business.

Select whether you prefer to receive the confirmation EIN letter online or by mail. Selecting online gets the letter immediately while by mail will take up to 4 weeks.

Last we have the summary page. Review the information for any mistakes, click submit and within a couple of minutes you will have registered an EIN and received a number for your business.

Thanks for watching this video on how to get an EIN for your business.

How do I find my EIN?

If you misplaced your EIN there are a number of ways to find it.

  1. Look back at your records to see if you have the printed notice when you applied.  The IRS doesn’t email it, so you will have had to print it out.
  2. Call the IRS Business & Specialty Tax Line at 800-829-4933.
  3. Contact your bank if you opened a bank account under the business name as they are required to get it before opening the account.
  4. Find an old tax return as you have to use it to file taxes from the business.

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You receive an EIN Confirmation Letter once you have completed the Employer Identification Number (EIN) application on the IRS website. 3 min read

You receive an EIN Confirmation Letter once you have completed the Employer Identification Number (EIN) application on the IRS website. Upon completion, you will have the options for downloading and saving the Tax ID certificate. The confirmation letter, along with saved copies of your Federal Tax ID Number should be kept alongside all your other Limited Liability Company documents. 

For every EIN application processed by the IRS, the agency sends out a confirmation letter called CP 575. The EIN confirmation letter is sent to the address provided on the SS-4 form, eight to ten weeks following the issuance of the Federal Tax ID Number. However, if you choose to apply online, a copy of the letter is viewable, printable, and ready for download directly from the IRS website as soon as the process is complete. Aside from serving as a documented proof of your LLC's EIN assignment, a bank or a vendor may request to see a copy of the letter. 

What Happens If You Lose Your Federal Tax ID Certificate?

If for whatever reason you need a replacement for a lost or never-received EIN confirmation letter, you can call the Internal Revenue Service, and they will send the verification letter to you. The copy is sent to the contact information you provided at the time you filed to have the application processed initially. If there has been a change of mailing address or fax number since that time, file Form 8822 to update the IRS so that they can send the letter to the appropriate destination. 

The Business & Specialty Tax Line is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time and handles all requests for a replacement of lost or misplaced EIN confirmation letters. The number to call is (800) 829-4933. If you want to contact the IRS directly, you can do so by calling (267) 941-1099 and ask for a 147C letter.

For security, you will need to verify your identity when contacting the IRS. Some of the security questions you may be required to answer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Your name and position with the company
  • Your EIN 
  • The kind of income tax form you file for the business 
  • Name and address of the LLC

After adequately identifying yourself, the phone representative you have connected with will look up the number and send the confirmation letter replacement right away. There is no cost for receiving a copy.  

If your need for the copy confirmation is dire, another option is to contact your bank or accountant. Either of the two may have kept a copy of your original Tax ID certificate, and you can merely get what you need from either of those sources. 

Even if you applied online, for protection against fraudulent conduct, the Internal Revenue Service does not offer online verification. Alternatively, if you initially completed your EIN application online, your email's inbox or archive folder would be a superb place to check for the confirmation email the IRS would have sent to you when your Employer Identification Number was first issued. 

A Few More Things To Know About the EIN

You cannot apply for an EIN until after your LLC has state approval. An important thing to remember is that although you must obtain a Tax ID if you have hired employees, your LLC does not need to have employees to be assigned an Employer Identification Number.

The EIN is nine digits long, just like a person's Social Security Number. To distinguish the two, the EIN is written starting with two numbers, then a hyphen, followed by the remaining seven digits. So here's an example of the EIN format: 12-3456789.

Although the IRS does not require businesses to pay a fee for to receive an EIN, there are quite a few websites that will complete the application for you at costs ranging from $50 to $100. 

If you already have an EIN from a former taxation identity, it is likely due to a connection with a Sole Proprietorship. You want to close that Tax ID number out. After you have received state approval for your LLC, obtain a new number, which will be a completely different EIN for your Limited Liability Company.  

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