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Assignment 01.03b Annotated Notes

Lesson 1.03B “As I Read” Graphic OrganizerFor your 1.03B assignment, you are going to submit the “As I Read” graphic organizer. In the frst column below, type any quesTons or thoughts you have as you read “±he Cold EquaTons.” In the second column, record an example or detail ²rom the story that brought about your quesTon or thought. ±his could be a direct quote ²rom the text or a descripTon. In the third column, note any answers you fnd or conclusions you make about the examples or details you recorded in the frst column. Make sure your responses are in complete sentences. For ²ull credit, make sure you have a minimum o² 4 quesTons with responses.As I Read Graphic OrganizerMy Questons and Though±sas I ReadExample or De±ail from ±he Tex±Answers or ConclusionsIs the pilot a good person or a bad person?not showing compassion ²or the stowaway be²ore knowing it was a girl.±he pilot is defnitely a good person he did everything he could ²or Marilyn.

As I Read Graphic OrganizerMy Questions and Thoughts as I ReadExample or Detail from theTextAnswers or ConclusionsWhy are people running and struggling?"It's a-movin'," he said to me as he passed; "a-screwin'and a-screwin' out. I don't like it. I'm a-goin' 'ome, I am."Because they saw something scary, unusual, and probably dangerous What was coming from the cylinder?a big greyish rounded bulk, the size, perhaps, of a bear, was rising slowly and painfully out of the cylinder. As it bulged up and caught the light, it glistened like wetleather.It was a scary mysterious creatureWhat can the author be trying to point out the real orld?I went on to the crowd. There were really, I should think, two or three hundred people elbowing and jostling one another, the one or two ladies there being by no means the least activeThe author is trying to show hopeople act when there life is puton the line they become hostile and think that anything is capable of killing them What a happened to the shop man?. I saw a young man, a shop

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