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The Trolley Dodgers Case Study

Trolley Dodgers case QUESTIONS 1. Identify the key audit objectives for a client’s payroll function. Comment on both objectives related to tests of controls and those related to substantive audit procedures. Answer: The key audit objectives are occurrence and existence, completeness, accuracy, posting & summarization, presentation and disclosure, timing and classification. Because “completeness” objectives means there is a need to check all of the amounts paid to employees when the big amounts involved in the payroll, so, for a client’s payroll function, in this situation, “completeness” objectives should be considered. Auditors should level the control risk on all payroll transection cycle which is auditors’ major objective on performing tests of controls. In order to determine the nature, extent, and timing of the year-end substantive tests auditors need to assess control risk for a transaction cycle to get strong evidences. A payroll transaction cycle has two key accounts which are accrued payrolls and

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...1. Identify the key audit objectives for a client’s payroll function. Comment on both objectives related to tests of control and those related to tests of control s and those related to substantive audit procedure. The key audit objectives for client’s payroll function in this Trolley Dodgers Case are: * Occurrence-establish whether employees worked * Completeness-make sure hours are recorded * Accuracy-make sure hours work and salary paid are correct * Posting & Summarization-compare payroll master with general ledger * Classification –establish identity for each employee and correct pay rate * Timing-verify whether payroll was issued efficiently Payroll frauds do not take place as much as it used to, that does not mean it will not occur. Fraudulent activities such as fabricated employees, overpaying employees, and continuing employees on payroll after they have left the company are a risk. That is why a well-built internal control of payroll is needed. Test of controls consist of making sure that employees worked, by comparing payroll with hours worked and salary paid. Employees should have correct withholding taxes taken out and paid at the appointed time without error. Strong internal control require that the adding and taking away of names from the company payroll as well as pay rate changes and reclassification of employees be witnessed in writing by an executive in the Human Resources department and by management of the department......

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...CASE STUDY: THE TROLLEY DODGERS 1. Identify the key audit objectives for a client’s payroll function. Comment on both objectives related to tests of control and those related to tests of control s and those related to substantive audit procedure. The key audit objectives for client’s payroll function in this Trolley Dodgers Case are: i. Occurrence  ii. Completeness iii. Accuracy iv. Posting & Summarization v. Classification  vi. Timing i. Key Audit Objective : Occurrence Dodgers must recorded payroll payments for existing employees only and should have separation of duties for each task. Test of Control: Examine internal control to see if the payroll payments are for exiting work and existing employees. The test could be examining all the workers time cards, personnel files and review organization chart. They also can discuss with employees and observe duties being performed. The tests would examine printouts of transactions rejected by the computer as having nonexistent employee numbers. Substantive Test of Transactions: The test to see if the right dollar amount in the payrolls were recorded and paid properly. They also test to review large dollar amount in the journal entries, general ledger and payroll earnings. Examine cancelled checks for proper endorsement could be compare with a personnel record. ii. Key Audit Objective : Completeness Dodgers must record all existent payroll transactions. Test of Control: The test is to see if the......

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...Case 3.1 The Trolley Dodgers 1. The key audit objectives for a clients payroll function are a. Occurrence and existence, b. Completeness, c. Accuracy, d. Posting & summarization, e. Presentation and disclosure, f. Timing and classification. The objective of completeness requires checking all of the amounts paid to the employees to see if they are correct and paid in full. Auditors should level the control risk on all payroll transaction cycle, which is auditor’s major objective on performing tests of controls. In order to determine the nature, extent, and timing of the year-end substantive tests, auditors need to assess control risk for a transaction cycle to get strong evidences. A payroll transaction cycle has two key accounts, which are accrued payroll and payroll expenses. Auditors mainly are concerned of these two accounts violating the completeness objective for most expense and liability accounts. Auditors should use comprehensive analytical procedures when assessing periodic payroll expense to check its rationality. After checking the payroll expense and considering it with the recent average employee pay raise, auditors will develop an expectation. If the payroll expense provided by the clients is out of the auditors expectation, then, substantive procedures and are tests needed to further check those differences. 2. There are several internal control weaknesses in the Dodgers payroll system: ......

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...The Trolley Dodgers 1) It is the auditor’s objective to determine if management’s assertions are materially complete, valid and accurate. Auditors have various procedures and testing to achieve their objectives. The test of controls is used to determine the reliability of the financial statements by identifying the existence of internal controls, so it is important to understand how inaccuracies within the payroll system would affect accounts on the balance sheet and income statement. Wages are recorded as an expense on the income statement, so they reduce net income. In this Trolley Dodgers case, wages were being fraudulently inflated, so the affect would be understatement of net income on the income statement. Wages are also an accrued expense that require an adjusting entry; the wage amount would be recorded as a current liability on the balance sheet and an accrued expense on the income statement. Again, if wages are being fraudulently inflated, the current liabilities on the balance sheet would also be inflated and the overall result is a misrepresentation of the client’s performance on the financial statements. If it has been determined that the internal controls are ineffective, substantive testing is then necessary to verify accuracy of the dollar amounts. This is a more in-depth and analytical testing to verify the figures the client has provided. Auditors must test management’s assertions about account balances as they are reflected on the balance sheet. When......

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...Case 5.1 Junjie Chen 1.Intergrity and Ethical Values 5 Simply steam Co is in an industry has lots of employees’ turnover. So we cannot say they have a very strong integrity of management and employees. But they do put some effort to monitoring the company, Phil is always in charge of employees and give them appropriate training. That do helps build the team. 2, Board of Directors 4 They are kind of a family and close friends based company, so they don’t have audit committee. Also, they are not independent of management. They also join to the day-to-day business. The good thing is they are very familiar with their job and corporate well. So for this size of business, its management is effective. 3. Management’s Philosophy and Operating Style 6 Open door policy help employees say what they see when some unfavorable things happen. They have the willing to be audited reveals that they want to pursue their business endeavors in future and want more professional ideas about how to prepare their financial statement. This attitude also means they want to control the uncertain risk in their company. 4. Organizational Structure 5 Phil takes care of employees training. Mr. Day as the office manager assigning of daily duties and overview of each day’s accounting records. Sometimes may have overlapping of duties because they assign works based on who are available. Buy overall, they I don’t think they have a need to hire an extra accountant to......

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...function is to test management’s assertions about timekeeping, paycheck processing, record keeping, employee benefits and pay distribution. The assertions about payroll that would be tested here are occurrence, existence, completeness, authorization, and accuracy. The objective of testing controls is to make sure that the company’s controls sufficiently address the risks of misstatement that could occur. The objective of substantive audit procedures is to detect material misstatements in a transaction class, account balance, or disclosure component of the financial statements. (Messier 2014) (Messier, William. Auditing and Assurance Services. McGraw Hill, New York, NY. 2012. Print.) 2. What internal control weaknesses were evident in the Dodgers’ payroll system? Control Weaknesses * No separation of duties such as the person writing the checks and the person keeping the books – Campos kept the books and wrote the checks * Control environment and tone at the top was inadequate – collusion among employees helped Campos succeed in his scheme. * Inadequate documentation of the components of internal control – it was a system only he fully understood. 3. Identify audit procedures that might have led to the discovery of the fraudulent scheme masterminded by Campos. Inspection: Close inspection of payroll by an auditor would probably show that weekly paychecks were unusually large. Here you would want to make sure that original timecards match payroll entry......

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...Case 3.1 Jessica Kelley-Seamans Acc-412 1- Identify the key objectives for a client’s payroll function. Comment on objectives related to tests of controls and substantive audit procedures. The payroll functions include * employment ( HR) * timekeeping * payroll preparation and recordkeeping * Pay distribution (Whitman, pg 626) Each of these payroll actions should be kept separate from one another, in accordance with proper segregation of duties. Segregation of duties can be described as the separation of related procedures that will prevent employees and officers from committing fraud. The duties that should be kept separate are authorization, record keeping, and custody. According to the AICPA,” no single individual should be able to (1) authorize a transaction, (2) record the transaction in the accounting records, and (3) maintain custody of the assets resulting from the transaction”( Members in Government Guide to Internal control, pg 10). The key objectives for a client’s payroll function are * Occurrence and existence * Accuracy * Completeness * Presentation and disclosures (Key Audit Objectives for a Client's Payroll Function). I will now go over each objective, and discuss the related tests of controls and substantive audit procedures. Just too quickly review, tests of controls focus on the functionality of the controls themselves, and substantive procedures focus on direct verification of the output of the......

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