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Page 1 HOMEWORK #1--MACROECONOMIC PRINCIPLES ECN 211, SECTION 1004, LEC 71306--FALL SEMESTER, 2012 Dr. Filer Due: At the end of class, Monday, September 17, 2012. Multiple Choice: Answer each of these questions by darkening the bubble on your scantron sheet, as if you were taking an exam in class. Hand in only the scantron sheet. Make sure you have darkened in your name and 10-digit ASU Affiliate ID number on the scantron sheet. YOU MUST USE THE (8 1/2 INCH BY 11 INCH) SCANTRON FORM 229633 BY EXAM SYSTEM II,AVAILABLE IN THE ASU BOOKSTORE. NO OTHER TYPE OF SCANTRON FORM WILL BE ACCEPTABLE. 1. The successful development of a low-cost synthetic fuel, such as ethanol from corn, would be expected to affect the market for crude oil in which of the following ways? A) Decrease the price of oil. B) Decrease the equilibrium quantity of oil produced and purchased. C) Decrease the demand for oil. D) Decrease the quantity supplied of oil. E) All of these. Use the following to answer questions 2-4: Combination Clothing Food A 0 110 B 10 105 C 20 95 D 30 80 E 40 60 F 50 35 G 60 0 2. According to the table above, a combination of 20 units of clothing and 80 units of food is 3. According to the table above, a combination of 50 units of clothing and 70 units of food

LEC Services

The tutorial program was developed to help meet your academic assistance needs. Qualified Professional staff and peer tutors are available to assist you with your academic needs. Tutorial services are offered in 097, 098, and 1100 levels Math, English, Writing, and Reading courses. If you are struggling with homework, have met with your instructor, and are still having difficulty, then you will find it helpful to seek the assistance of a tutor.

By-Appointment Tutoring
You will schedule a one hour-long appointment with a tutor to work on specific disciplines. To request a tutor a completed Request for Tutorial Assistance Form must be submitted to the Learning Enrichment Center office at least one week before you need tutoring assistance. The Tutor Coordinator will contact you upon receipt of the request and set up a mutually convenient time for your tutorial sessions. Please keep in mind that you must have a working telephone number listed on the request in order to be contacted or you must come by the Learning Enrichment Center to schedule your tutoring sessions.

Walk-In Tutoring
You will be able to work with tutors on a first-come, first-served basis and discuss course material, assignments and learning strategies. Depending on the discipline, our tutors will work with students individually or in small groups. Individual Tutoring: You will meet one-on-one with a tutor who can help you with course material, receive feedback on your work, and help you develop strategies for academic success.

Boot Camp
The Boot Camp is a preparatory session designed to give students taking the Accuplacer Placement Test for the first time an overview of what to expect on the exam. During this session, the reading, sentence skills, and math tests are discussed. Students are given information on what the test looks like, test taking strategies, the scoring process, and how to locate practice tests to further assist them with preparation. A schedule for the Boot Camp can be obtained from the Student Affairs office. In addition to our services, you may want to review by taking a practice test.  Please click on the following link for a list of practice websites.

Accuplacer Practice Test Websites

Study Strategies Seminars
Having trouble studying? We will have small-group seminars that will help you develop better study habits. These seminars will help you to manage your current and future coursework and achieve your academic goals.

Writing Workshops
If you are having problems in your Reading and Writing courses, this is the workshop for you! Workshop leaders will use course readings and assignments, as well as supplementary material, to help you develop your critical reading, writing and analytic skills.

Assistance for Placement Retesting (Optional)
If a student does not meet the score required for the area tested on the Accuplacer Placement Tests for Program Level courses, he/she will be allowed to receive remediation if possible using the following procedures:

  1. The student must take the Accuplacer Placement tests at the Testing Center.
  2. The student must report to the Learning Enrichment Center (LEC), (Student Enrichment Center Building, Room 8103), within 10 days of taking the exam and bring the Accuplacer Placement tests results with them.  No exceptions.
  3. The student will take a Diagnostic Test to identify areas of weakness.
  4. The LEC Tutor Coordinator will assign computerized remediation and practice to assist the student in remediation the weak areas identified by diagnostic test(s).
  5. After remediation, the student will follow procedures outlined for payment and then retest at the Testing Center.

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