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A Level History Coursework Topics

Posted 06 April 2009 - 09:32 PM

We are letting our students pick their own topics and set their own questions (with some guidance).

We've been doing something similar for a while under the old system - we were with Edexcel and there was an Individual Assignment option for Unit 4. The main differences are that the old IA had no 100yr restriction and it was written up in 4 (recently reduced to 3) hours under exam conditions.

But we will still let them work independently (mostly in the school library). There are always a few topics that staff are unfamiliar with but the kids love picking something a bit different, and there are loads of opportunities for cross-curricular stuff. Once they've picked a question, we advise them on a range of reading, help them focus their arguments, and give them general structural tips.

The main challenge is making sure that they work in a structured way over the weeks/months (it often takes them a shockingly long time just to pick a topic, and there's always a few who pick something based on the latest film). We try and set them intermediate deadlines - the main one is that they have to give a 5-minute presentation on their argument and the sources they've used.

We are lucky to have mainly pretty able students. But the borderline ones often enjoy the independence and rise to the occasion, and it's fantastic preparation for university (especially good to give Oxbridge candidates something to talk about at interview).

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