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Promotional Essay

Sales Promotion: Essay on Sales Promotion!

The word promotion originates from the Latin word ‘Promovere’ means “to move forward” or to push forward. Sales and promotion are two different words and sales promotion is the combination of these two words.

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Sales Promotion is another important component of the marketing communications mix. It is essentially a direct and immediate inducement. It adds extra value to the product and hence prompts the dealer/consumer to buy the product.

According to American Marketing Association, “These marketing activities, other than personal selling, advertising and publicity that stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness such as display shows and exhibitions, demonstrations and various non-recurrent selling efforts not in the ordinary routine”.

According to Philip Kotler, “Promotion encompasses all the tools in the marketing mix whose major role is persuasive communication”.

It includes activities other than advertising, personal selling publicity and public relations which are used in promoting sales of the product or in persuading the customer to purchase the product. Distribution of samples, premium coupon, point of purchase display, off-price selling, etc. is the examples of sales promotion techniques.

Many international sales promotions can be found in grocery stores. In- store demonstrations with product giveaways and cooking demonstrations are popular along with end-of-aisle gondolas that highlight new products. Some companies even give away recipe cards as an incentive to buy the product if it’s an item consumers may not be familiar with.

Sales promotions are marketing activities that simulate consumer purchases and improve retailer or middlemen effectiveness and cooperation. Cents off in store demonstrations samples, coupons gifts, product tie ins contests, sweepstakes sponsorship of special events such as concerts and fairs, and point of purchase displays are types promotion devices designed to supplement advertising and personal selling in promotional mix.

Sales promotions are short term efforts directed to the consumer or retailer to achieve such specific objectives as consumer product trial or immediate purchase, consumer introduction to the store, gaining retail point of purchase displays encouraging stores to stock the product, and supporting and augmenting advertising and personal sales efforts.

For example, Procter & Gamble’s introduction of Ariel detergent in Egypt included the Ariel Road show a puppet show (not the little Mermaid!) that was taken to local markets in villages where more than half of all Egyptians still live.

The show drew huge crowds entertained people, told about Ariel’s better performance without the use of additives and sold the brand through a distribution van at nominal discount. Besides, creating brand awareness for Ariel, the road show helped overcome the reluctance of the rural retailers to handle the premium priced Ariel.

In markets where the consumer is hard to reach because of media limitations, the percentage of the promotional budget allocated to sales promotions may have to be increased. In some less developed countries sales promotions constitute the major portion of the promotional effort in rural and less accessible parts of the market. In parts of Latin America a portion of the advertising sales budget for both Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola is spent o carnival trucks, which make frequent trips to outlying villages to promise their products.

When a carnival truck makes a stop in a village it may show a movie or provide some other kind of entertainment; the price of admission is an unopened bottle of the product purchased from the local retailer. The unopened bottle is to be exchange for a cold bottle plus a coupon for another bottle.

This promotional effort tends to stimulate sales and encourages local retailers who are given prior notice of the carnival’s truck’s arrival, to stock the product. Nearly 100 per cent coverage of retailers in the villages is achieved with this type of promotion. In other situations village merchants may be given free samples have the outsides of their stores painted, or receive clock signs in attempts to promote sales.

Promotion And Marketing Essay

Today's customers want better service, higher-quality goods and lower prices. With so many competing for the same customers in a time of volatile markets, businesses must proactively evolve or fall victims to their competitors. It is no wonder companies are rethinking how they do business. For years, companies have used word-of-mouth to get their business up and running. In today's business world this is just not enough and especially so for an e-business. Knowing the buying patterns, interests and desires of customers as well as how they search provides companies with an advantage over competitors. This knowledge is so crucial to success that the process of promoting and marketing a business has become an industry of its own.

There are millions upon millions of websites online, and the simple reality is that unless you show people how to find your business, you could be lost in the crowd. This does not mean that a company should go out and randomly tell anyone they could find about the business. Two of the biggest marketing and promotional mistakes include sending out untargeted advertising and trying to be everything to everyone. Purchasing 10 million-email addresses and bulk mailing an offer would be untargeted advertising. Also your product will not appeal to everyone, nor should you attempt to make it sound like it will, a company should focus making their target audience happy instead. The key is to get your offer in front of as many of the 'right' people as possible. That means advertising to your target with persuasive sales copy that tells them exactly how your product will solve their problems or satisfy their desires.

A business should use the AIDA objective and create a web page that presents their message both visually and written that will draw attention, create interest and curiosity and result in the customer taking action. You can have more pages for the customer to click but think of the web page as just another full-page magazine ad and that is all you have to reach your audience. A business should make their web page interactive, getting the customer involved and changing it regularly. Associate the company's web site with a theme or interest that is shared by the online targets. If for example your online target audience is highly interested in Brittney Spears, seek to become the best Brittney Spears site. By doing so, the company has found another means of attracting attention to their home page and company/service. By doing this company has doubled their exposure in search engines, attracted other potential clients and become a high volume site. Look and see what's "hot" for your target audience (lifestyle, leisure, sport hobbies). Whatever it is find a theme and develop it. Certainly, the theme must be something that will be a positive association that will elevate rather than tarnish a company's image.

When a company thinks about linking it should create a brief,...

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