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Nicole Becker Dissertation

Dissertations & Theses from 2017

Barron, Thomas A. (2017) Competitive Strategies and Financial Performance of Small Colleges

Blanco-Busam, Jessica (2017) Why Go to College? A Mixed Methods Multiphase Study of Latino Students in a Northeast State

Duva, Kenneth A (2017) Perceptions of Public School Administrators on the Implementation of Response to Intervention & Specific Learning Disability Rates in a Small Northeast State

Henry, Dariel D.T (2017) Effective Strategies for Recruiting African American Males into Undergraduate Teacher-Education Programs

L'Etoile, Nicole (2017) Superintendents' and Principals' Perceptions of Using Social Media to Develop a Brand Presence in a Small Northeast State

Lucas, Cheryl Burke (2017) Occupational Therapists of Color: Perceptions of the Academic Experience

Minchello, Paula (2017) Faculty Perceptions of the Effectiveness of DECA Programs in Preparing Students to be College and Career Ready

Qin, Laura D (2017) Assessing the Relationship between Multiple Measures Placement and Student Academic Success at a Community College

Quagliaroli, Sara Elizabeth (2017) Library Leadership Engagement for Transformative Academic Library Spaces

Quinlan-Crandall, Erin Fleming (2017) Principals' Perceptions of Factors Leading to Job Retention in a Small Northeast State

Stevens, Christine Rowader (2017) Hybrid Program Design: What Works for Adult Learners in a Professional Degree Program?

Vieira, Margarida Baganha (2017) Student Persistence through Involvement: The Journey to Graduation for First-Generation Portuguese Students

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Dissertations & Theses from 2016

Baird, Anthony M (2016) 21st Century Workforce: Employers' Ratings of Importance and Satisfaction of Skills and Competencies College Graduates Need to Get Hired in the Northeast

Berrios, Darline (2016) Sharing Our Unheard Voices: Perceptions of the Lived Experience of Teachers of Color

Broderick, Jennifer E (2016) Flipped Classrooms as an Experiential Learning Strategy: How Do Faculty Adapt to Teaching with Instructional Technology?

Cabellon, Edmund T (2016) Redefining Student Affairs Through Digital Technology: A Ten-Year Historiography of Digital Technology Use by Student Affairs Administrators

Dion, Lisa A (2016) The Relationship of School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports to School Climate and Student Behavior

Frezza, Alyssa A (2016) Academic Services for College Athletes at Division II and III Institutions: Academic Advisor Perceptions

Greene, Tammy M (2016) Determining Elementary Students' Mathematical Self-Efficacy and Attitudes towards Mathematics through Journal Writing

Irudayam, Irene (2016) International Student Satisfaction with Support Services

Jorge, Patricio V (2016) Faculty Engagement: Multicultural Students' Perceptions of Faculty Engagement in a New England Institution of Higher Education

Kolomitz, Kara (2016) The New College President: A Study of Leadership in Challenging Times

Page, Kimberly Ann (2016) Contracts with Community College Adjunct Faculty Members: Potential Supplemental Benefits to Increase Satisfaction

Panagiotidis, Magdalena Ganias (2016) Teacher Self-Efficacy in Giving Feedback to Students

Pelopida, Agnes (2016) The Relationship of Grade 12 High School Students' Perceptions of Writing Self-Efficacy and Academic Writing Outcomes in a Suburban High School

Salvadore, Francesca Florio (2016) The Relationship Between Biotechnology CTE Students and Non-CTE Peers with Respect to Self-Efficacy for Achievement, Attendance Support, and College and Career Readiness

Santa, Joany (2016) The Impact of Secondary Traumatic Stress on Urban Educators in Schools with High at Risk Student Populations

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Dissertations & Theses from 2015

Bernstein, Ethan T (2015) The Relationship between Predictors of Enrollment and the College Choice Process of MBA Students

Burns, Kerry Lynn (2015) College Students' Experiences with Mental Health: Sorority Members, Anxiety, and Depression

Drucker, Monique R (2015) Student Success in a Learning Paradigm Environment: Student Affairs and Academic Affairs Partnerships

Hollibaugh Baker, Meghan M (2015) The Relationship of Technology Use with Academic Self-Efficacy and Academic Achievement in Urban Middle School Students

Manley, JulieAnn Maloney (2015) Teachers' Self-Efficacy Regarding Standards-Based Reporting: A Needs Assessment for Professional Development

Millen, Robin A (2015) Closing the Gap Between Technological and Best Practice Innovations: Teachers' Perceived Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Self-Efficacy Towards Differentiated Instruction

Perez, Maria Pia (2015) An Analytical Study of School Climate and Principal Leadership

Perkins, Jane C (2015) Preparing Teachers for School Tragedy: Reading, Writing, and Lockdown

Porter, Cindy Long (2015) High Impact Practice Characteristics Used in Student Affairs at New England Colleges and Universities

Sullivan, Elizabeth (2015) Teachers' Perceptions of and Self-Efficacy in Modeling and Providing Opportunities for Social and Emotional Learning Competencies

Swoboda, Karen M (2015) The Self-Efficacy of Elementary/Middle Level Catholic School Principals Regarding Major Roles and Responsibilities: Implications for Professional Preparation and Development

Torregrossa, Kathleen (2015) Aligning Professional Development to an Educator Evaluation System to Support Teachers

Watts, Kelly (2015) Directing Short-Term Study Abroad Programs at a Public Flagship University: Exploring the Faculty Experience

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Dissertations & Theses from 2014

Alexander, Dorothy Jean (2014) Developmentally Appropriate Practice and Preschool Teachers' Perceptions: Theory Versus Practice

Burke, Lynne F (2014) Teachers' Perceived Self-Efficacy in Integrating Technology into Pedagogical Practice and Barriers to Technology Integration

DeConto, Rosanne (2014) Faculty Perceptions of Adapting Traditional Pedagogy for Online Learning

DiBiase, Deborah (2014) Formative Assessment Professional Development: Impact on Teacher Practice

Ducharme, Douglas R (2014) Factors that Influence the Use of Qualitative Methods by Institutional Researchers

Dulchinos, Paul C (2014) Military and Veteran Student Perceptions of Military Friendliness on the College Campus

Earle, Erin West (2014) Enlistment to Enrollment: A Narrative Study of Student Veterans' Perceptions of the College Admission Process

Johnson, Wallis B (2014) A Student's Perspective on Poverty and Student Behavior/Responsibility in the Classroom

Malone, Michael S (2014) Persistence and Success: Summer Bridge Program Effectiveness

Senie, Kathryn C (2014) Implementing Transfer and Articulation: A Case Study of Community Colleges and State Universities

Stender, David F. (2014) Alcohol Consumption Among College Students: Chief Student Affairs Officers' Perspectives on Evidence-Based Alcohol Consumption Reduction Strategies

Testa-Buzzee, Kristina (2014) Academic Persistence: What Matters to the Single Mother?

Valk, Joanne A (2014) Supporting elementary inclusion classrooms in an urban ring district: What principals need to know

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Dissertations & Theses from 2013

Apicerno, Amy (2013) Student transition to four-year institutions: Faculty, staff, and administrator perceptions of articulation processes

Burns, Shawn W (2013) Leading Change Through Professional Development: An Exploration of a New Faculty Orientation Program

Evans, Erica (2013) Effects on Problem Behavior and Social Skills Associated with the Implementation of School Wide Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports Approach in an Alternative School Setting

Fox-Norwitz, Shayna K (2013) Charter School Teacher Attitudes Toward the Implementation of the Rhode Island Model of the Educator Evaluation System

Hertzberg, Carie (2013) Exploring Motivations of Early Career Faculty Commitment to Community Engagement

Holmquist, Carol L (2013) The Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Persistence in Adult Remedial Education

Janson, Barbara (2013) Faculty Perceptions of Instruction in Collaborative Virtual Immersive Learning Environments in Higher Education

Kreiger, Joan (2013) Faculty Beliefs and Practices About Writing Initiatives as Classroom Strategies and Institutional Objectives

Napolitano, Tonianne (2013) Cyberbullying and Middle School Student: Internet Behavior and Perceptions of Internet Risk

Stanley, Jennifer M (2013) Gender Studies: The Demise of Feminism or the Vision of an Inclusive Curriculum?

Thomas, Yasmina S (2013) A Historical Study of the Contributions of Dr. William G. Spady to Education Reform

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Dissertations & Theses from 2012

Bent, Lauren G (2012) Young Alumni Giving: An Exploration of Institutional Strategies

Diamond, Aynsley M (2012) The Adaptive Military Transition Theory: Supporting Military Students in Academic Environments

Felton, John D (2012) College Choice: An Examination of Projected Student Indebtedness

Gauthier, Amy P (2012) Exploring Student-Faculty Interactions in Out-of-Classroom Settings: Student Perspectives at Small Liberal Arts Colleges

Hettrick, Joshua (2012) Online Video Games: Leadership Development for the Millennial College Student

Lindsey, DeLois (2012) College-Ready Urban Black, Hispanic, and Biracial Students: Why Are They Not Applying to College?

Mangino, Paul (2012) Exploring the Four Core Elements of Formative Assessment in College Classroom Instruction: Faculty Member Perspectives

Masterson, Jason R (2012) School District Regionalization in Rhode Island: Relationship with Spending and Achievement

Nee, Elizabeth A (2012) College Students with Learning Disabilities: Experiences Using E-Texts

Pouravelis, Claudia C (2012) Academic Achievement and Self-Efficacy of Graduate Level Nursing Students: A Comparison of Continuing and Returning Students

Promades, Frederick C (2012) Influencing Graduation Rates Through Resource Allocation: A Correlation Analysis of Institutional Expenditures and Six-Year Graduation Rates at Private Colleges and Universities in New England

Reome, Darryl (2012) First-Generation College Student Success: Exploring Experiences That Promote Community College Degree Attainment

Richardson, Thomas (2012) An Examination of School Re-enrollment Procedures for Juvenile Offenders Re-entering Urban School Districts in Southern New England: Implications for School Leaders

Skeldon, Michael A (2012) Perceptions of Judges Toward Rigor of High School Senior Capstone Projects at a Northern RI Charter School

Stiles, Carl G (2012) The Relationship between Graduate Orientation Programs and Satisfaction with Institutional Choice

Williams, Leslie K (2012) Cheating Incidences, Perceptions of Cheating, and the Moral Development Level of College Students

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Dissertations & Theses from 2011

Alba, David J (2011) Perceptions of crisis preparedness among Rhode Island public school administrators and first responders

Boerner, William A (2011) Transitional leadership: Perceptions of interim mid-level student affairs professionals

Brennan, Karen Bigos (2011) Beginning Teacher Induction: Catholic School Administrators' Perceptions of Program Focus and Their Roles

Casale, MaryAnn (2011) Teachers' Perceptions of Professional Development: An Exploration of Delivery Models

Casey, Michelle (2011) Perceived efficacy and preparedness of beginning teachers to differentiate instruction

Cook, Donna M (2011) Mentoring New Faculty at a Christian University in the Northeast: Developing a Framework for Programming

Cosimini, Susan Heather (2011) Female Administrators in Higher Education: Victories, Broken Barriers, and Persisting Obstacles

Costello, Robert (2011) Uses and Perceptions of E-mail for Course-Related Communication Between Business Faculty and Undergraduates

DeFrance, Jennifer M (2011) Student interactivity in distance learning: Using discussion boards in the Blackboard Learning System

Fruzzetti, Anthony R (2011) Promoting Student Engagement with a Virtual Learning Community at an Urban, Private University in the Northeast

Graney, Daniel D (2011) Behavioral Assessment Teams Using Threat Assessment at Flagship Universities in New England

Hammond, Jessica (2011) Massachusetts Superintendents' Perceptions of Multi-Hazard Emergency Plans

Mack, Craig E (2011) Impact of Recreation Centers on Two New England Campuses

Malik, Tarun (2011) College Success: First Year Seminar's Effectiveness on Freshmen Academic and Social Integration, Impact on Academic Achievement and Retention at a Southern Institution

Maynard, Timothy J (2011) The Relationship of Undergraduate Community Service to Alumni Community Involvement and Leadership

McGauvran, Michael (2011) High School Males' Perception of Education: The New Gender Gap

Messina, Laurel S (2011) Examining An Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Program Model for a Community College

Montanez, Javier (2011) Perspectives of resilience & recidivism among Hispanic male adolescents

Moriarty, Elizabeth A (2011) Relationship of helicopter parenting on autonomy development in first-year college students

Sam, Daisy (2011) Middle School Teachers' Descriptions of Their Level of Competency in the National Education Technology Standards for Teachers

Sam, Sonn (2011) High School Principals' Rating of Success in Implementation of 21st Century Skills

Simo, Stephen J (2011) Assessing Leadership Strategies for Alcohol Abuse Prevention among Fraternity and Sorority Students

Sollitto, Michael J (2011) Perspectives of Suburban Public School Teachers on the Characteristics of At-Risk Students

Whaley, Michael (2011) Relationship Between Principal Leadership and the Implementation of a Proficiency Based Graduation System

Wilson, Georgette P (2011) Fitting-In: Sociocultural Adaptation of International Graduate Students

Zemba, Bethany C (2011) Graduate students' perceptions of diversity education and school climate

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Dissertations & Theses from 2010

Adriano, Jennifer (2010) Teenagers' reasons for listening to music and the students' perception of the effects of listening when completing school assignments

Andreozzi, Mark J (2010) Perceptions of northeastern United States Recreation Directors regarding the impact of recreation centers on students, the campus community, and institutional goals

Bell, Claudia R (2010) Perceptions of campus subcultures at a community college

Blizzard, Ronell (2010) The Process of Screening Student-Athletes for Cardiovascular Diseases at NCAA Division I Institutions in the Northeast

Borstel, Scott L (2010) Massachusetts superintendents' perceptions of teacher bargaining practices

Boyle, Clifton J. (2010) The effectiveness of a Digital Citizenship curriculum in an urban school

Brady, Alice C (2010) Evaluation of the implementation of federal and state wellness mandates in Rhode Island school districts

Bruce, Teri E (2010) Selected correlates of suspension of students in a regional secondary school in southeastern New England

Burns, Rosemary (2010) Implementation of formative assessment strategies as perceived by high school students and teachers: Professional development implications

Callahan, Colleen A (2010) A Rhode Island high school-university partnership: Urban students' perceptions of college readiness

Correia, Tamika (2010) Sustaining partnerships between community colleges and the extended healthcare industry in Massachusetts

Diaz, Walter (2010) Relationship of perceived barriers to career self-efficacy among Latino undergraduates at a New England regional public university

DiManno, Dorria L (2010) College/university presidents and crisis communications: Interpretive content analysis of newspaper coverage in the Northeast

Dupuis, Susan D (2010) Elementary teachers' perspectives of the implementation of response to intervention and special education rates

Gibson-Cayouette, Lizann R (2010) Knowledge and understanding of 21st century skills through educator externships: Programs in southern New England

Gifford, Linda A (2010) Recruitment and retention of K--12 public school principals in a regional educational collaborative in Rhode Island

Graves, KellyAnn (2010) Emergent literacy skills achievement of kindergarteners in relation to sample demographics in southeastern Connecticut

Humbyrd, Michele (2010) The relationship of personality traits to satisfaction with the team: A study of interdisciplinary teacher teams in Rhode Island middle schools

Marsella, Anthony J (2010) Evaluation of factors that contribute to improving academic achievement of career and technical education students in Rhode Island

Matrundola, Lisa A (2010) Massachusetts one-stop career centers: Job placement for disadvantaged students

Morse, Barbara C (2010) Virtual education in Rhode Island's K-12 public schools: Current status and perceptions of administrators

Pennacchia, Donna (2010) High school graduates' perceptions of senior project and college and work readiness: A mixed methods study

Perakslis, Christine (2010) Investigating personality factors and student attitudes

Pimentel, Jerelyn M (2010) High school teachers' perceptions of ePortfolios and classroom practice: A single-case study

Renaud, Gia (2010) Grade retention: Elementary teacher perceptions for students with and without disabilities

Rourke, James (2010) The power of paradox: How high school teachers perceive the navigation of paradox influencing teacher resiliency and student motivation

Sargent, Frank A (2010) Legal services delivery at public institutions of higher education in a New England state

Wilkerson, Belinda J (2010) Career interventions: Practices and preferences of southern New England high school counselors supporting students' individual learning plans

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Dissertations & Theses from 2009

Beaudoin-Colwell, Lisa C (2009) Secondary teacher perceptions of co-teaching models of instruction

Doninger, Lauren (2009) Remedial reading and college courses: Learning to read or reading to learn? A study of practices in a community college in New England

Drolet, Richard E (2009) Meeting increased common planning time requirements: A case study of middle schools in three Rhode Island districts

Frey, Caroline Adams (2009) Teachers' understanding and use of formative assessment strategies: A multiple embedded case study in K-12 urban ring schools of a mid -size city in Rhode Island

Iliescu, Sorin (2009) Master's degree as a requirement for U.S. metropolitan fire chiefs

Kokoszka, Kenneth A (2009) A case study approach to the perceptions of Edline(TM), a K--12 technology solution software, at a small Catholic high school in southern Massachusetts

Long, Matthew J (2009) Student work programs: Formulating organizational structures to improve effectiveness

McCaleb-Kahan, Peggy (2009) 10th grade MCAS test anxiety and how it relates to student demographics

McVety, Paul J (2009) Essential competencies for delivering quality culinary arts programs in United States high schools

Mellor, Kathleen M (2009) Perceived effectiveness of middle school English language learner programs

Miceli, Mark J (2009) Coming-out at Catholic and non -Catholic colleges and universities

Owen, Sandy A (2009) Understanding career progression for women in higher education advancement: Gender bias and personal choice

Pilkington, Robert (2009) Critical factors for charter school approval: A historical case study of Rhode Island's five Middle College Charter School applications

Pina, Jason B (2009) Presidential leadership and diversity and inclusion at selected college and university campuses in New England

Ribeiro, John J (2009) How does a co -learner delivery model in professional development affect teachers' self -efficacy in teaching mathematics and specialized mathematics knowledge for teaching?

Rothwell-Carson, Kimberly R (2009) Special educators' perceptions of teacher preparation and retention

Simpson, Peter (2009) Connecting resources to student achievement: Synthesis of a resource-based model to assess district performance during education reform in Massachusetts from 2001--2006

Smith, Jennifer L (2009) A case study of the implementation and outcomes of a smaller learning community

Spera, Nicholas J (2009) Predicting the success of freshmen students according to the admissions criteria of a vocational technical high school system

Valentine, Donna A (2009) Generational poverty: The relationship of ninth grade high school students' self -perceptions on their future education and life choices

Vincent, Emmanuel Teah (2009) The emergent charter school model for ninth grade mildly disabled United States students: Extending to Africa

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Dissertations & Theses from 2008

Anderson, Andrew D. C (2008) Connecting families at the middle school level: A single case study

Behan, Kimberly (2008) Teacher perceptions of mentoring in a K--12 New England urban school district

Booth, Jennifer (2008) The influence of professional development in technology integration on teacher pedagogy and student engagement in fourth and fifth grade elementary classrooms in an urban elementary school in the Northeast

Braun, Donna (2008) The relationship among essential school leadership preparation practices, principal leader behavior, school learning environment, and student achievement in elementary and middle schools in Rhode Island

Convertino, Gary J (2008) A perspective on current human resources practices by human resource executives at institutions of higher education

Crimmin, Nancy Papagno (2008) An evaluation of college sophomore living environments: Traditional residence compared to a living learning community with respect to interaction with faculty, peers, and satisfaction with living area

Dunning, Natalie Brunelle (2008) Academic diversity in Rhode Island middle schools: Teacher beliefs about instructional practice

Eggeman, Ellen (2008) Perceived effectiveness of parent and teacher use of K--12 teacher Web pages for enhancing communication in a southern Rhode Island public school district

Jacob, Monique (2008) Expectations for career and social support by mentors and mentees participating in formal mentoring programs in Rhode Island

Keefe, Maureen Christina (2008) Short -term study abroad: Impact on the development of global competencies at a public college of art and design in the northeast

Krakowsky, Robin P (2008) Sustaining change in higher education administrative student services

Lundsten, Judith A (2008) Algebraic reasoning in grades two through five: Effects of teacher practices, characteristics and professional development

Mancieri, Denise (2008) Implementation of the National Education Technology Standards for Students in Rhode Island public high schools

Maruszczak, Joseph P (2008) The design and implementation of an electronic portfolio assessment system as a high school graduation requirement: A multiple-case study of three Rhode Island high schools

Moffitt, Catherine G (2008) An evaluation of a Southern Rhode Island school district's health and wellness initiatives

Ponds, Jonathan C (2008) Case study of culturally responsive training influence on teachers' self -efficacy and instructional strategies regarding their low -income, minority students

Reilly-Chammat, Rosemary (2008) Health practices and self -efficacy of Rhode Island secondary school principals

Shelton, Mark E (2008) Leadership style and outcome behaviors of higher education consortium directors in the United States

Vohs, Charles J (2008) Anxiety and depression as comorbid factors in drinking behaviors of undergraduate college students attending an urban private university in the northeastern United States

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Dissertations & Theses from 2007

Afyouni, Hassan A (2007) Perceptions of United States East Coast higher education leaders on natural disaster recovery

Ahern, Marie-Elena J.|Audette (2007) Establishing design specifications for a master's program to develop accomplished teaching

Ash, Jacqueline Edna (2007) Perceptions of teachers regarding high school personalization programs

Barboza, Sandra A (2007) Redesigning Rhode Island's high school diploma system: Proficiency based graduation

Barnett, Kristine E (2007) Leading college writing centers into the future: Strategies for survival and sustainability

Becker, Stephen P (2007) Generalized perceived self-efficacy as a predictor of student success in a for -profit career college

Chan-Remka, Jenny (2007) The perceptions of teachers and administrators in relation to the implementation of professional learning communities

Cuoco Hassan, Susan (2007) Investigating the relationship between learning community participation and job satisfaction in a K--12 regional special education collaborative

Gibbons, Thomas J (2007) Relationship of college honor codes and core values to unethical behavior in the military workplace

Kenworthy, Thomas W (2007) Perspectives on building leadership capacity among K--12 principals in a regional educational collaborative in the Northeast

Koenig, Robert J (2007) Comparing cost-effectiveness of undergraduate course delivery: Classroom, online, and video conference at a technical institute in a mid -Atlantic state

Phillips, Jason T (2007) Transformative campus-community service -learning partnerships

Stringfellow, Kristen E (2007) Relationship between educational spending and student achievement in Rhode Island public schools

Watson, Angela Muriel (2007) Parental involvement in higher education: Using the perceptions of parents and administrators as the basis for improving institutional policy and practice

Wesley, Derek M (2007) Catholic college and university presidents: Fundraising initiatives and identity maintenance

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Dissertations & Theses from 2006

Andrade, Mario J (2006) Job -embedded professional development: A study of perceptions and behavioral changes of participants in a New England high school

Bertucci, Peter J (2006) A mixed-method study of a brain -compatible education program of grades K--5 in a Mid -Atlantic inner -city public elementary /middle school

Cohen, Debra A (2006) The utilization of E -portfolios in the acceptance process for higher education institutions in New England

DeCapua, Richard James (2006) Outsourcing student services: Perceptions of college administrators at four -year institutions in Connecticut

Dyer, Tom (2006) Selected correlates of student persistence and institutional factors in for -profit art and design colleges

Edwards, Karin B (2006) Role and functions of chief student affairs officers at public community colleges in New England

Hurley, William B (2006) Professional development for continuing education adjunct professors: A Massachusetts perspective

Jewett, Arthur V (2006) Academic dishonesty among Division III college athletes

Larson, Robert J (2006) Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) transition from high school to college: Northeast college freshmen and their experiences with alcohol

Lewis, Neil A (2006) Military student participation in distance learning

Lima, Nadine Elizabeth (2006) A case study on principal behaviors cultivating a positive school culture in an elementary school

McDiarmid, Patricia Lynch (2006) The effect of online mentoring on teacher self -efficacy of preservice physical education teachers during initial field -based teaching settings

McGee, Patrick J (2006) Qualities of effective high school teachers in grades 9--12: Perceptions of high school teachers and administrators from the state of Rhode Island

McLaughlin, Michael Dennis (2006) An analysis of the relationship between parental involvement and student achievement in Rhode Island elementary schools

Miller, Susan C (2006) Improvement of special needs students on the mathematics Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS): Perceptions of secondary mathematics teachers and administrators

Nagy, Monica L (2006) Criteria for judging exemplary teachers: A Rhode Island experience

Neves, David (2006) A case study of student participation rate and parental decision variables in a New England suburban community before school elementary instrumental music program

Scheller, Cynthia Hopkins (2006) Employers' roles in an innovative adult education program in the northeast: Perspectives from four stakeholder groups

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Dissertations & Theses from 2005

Almeida, Michael J (2005) A middle school case study on principal behaviors effecting change in school culture

Billington, Robert Dennis (2005) Tourism professional competencies and their relationship to United States higher education curricula

Craig, Alfred John (2005) Student retention and success at a community college in the Northeast

Lemont, Merideth K (2005) An examination of the use of federal vocational funds for vocational special needs students in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Libutti, Dean D (2005) First-year academic success: Differences in pre -entry and learning and study skill characteristics for academically successful and unsuccessful students at a public flagship university in New England

McGuirl-Hadley, Joy A (2005) Evaluating critical thinking skills development: One community - two approaches

Mihok, Sonia Y (2005) Persistence of first -generation low -income students receiving financial aid at a public regional New England university

Piccardi, Joan M (2005) Principals' perceptions of factors affecting teacher collaboration in elementary schools

Raptakis, Donna M (2005) The highly qualified teacher: Perceptions of parents, teachers, and principals at the elementary and middle school levels

Velasquez, Maria del Pilar (2005) Getting ready for college: Assessing parents' understandings

Yangambi, Matthieu Wakalewae (2005) Examination of instructional strategies: Secondary science teachers of mainstreamed English language learners in two high schools in southern New England

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Dissertations & Theses from 2004

Ainsleigh, Susan A (2004) Evaluation of a mentoring program for graduate behavioral education students

DiLullo, Bernard (2004) Principal selection criteria and processes employed by school districts in Rhode Island

Esposito, Kirsten A (2004) Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS): Two districts' perspectives

Fargnoli, Joan C (2004) Parental perceptions of successful middle school and family partnerships: A Rhode Island case study

Gelbwasser, Sherry E (2004) Information literacy for lifelong learning institute students: Determining a best-practice model

Gifford, Bonny L (2004) Teacher beliefs, learning styles, and technology implementation in rural, secondary classrooms in Massachusetts

Greenstein, Laura (2004) Finding balance in classroom assessment: High school teachers' knowledge and practice

Libron-Green, Dorothy Marie (2004) Awareness and utilization of institutional support services by Internet-based learners

Limoges, Colleen (2004) Building leadership capacity for K--12 school principals through professional development

Lynch, Kathleen A (2004) Sisterhood and social capital: Teacher preparation in an order of Catholic teaching nuns, 1920--1970

Manville, Christine (2004) Faculty development framework for the active teacher/learner at the Community College of Rhode Island

McCrave Baxter, Jean (2004) Superintendents' perceptions of English -only instruction in Massachusetts and Rhode Island public school districts

Riconscente, Selma Haddad (2004) College career development centers: Serving students with learning disabilities

Scott, Marguerite Cager (2004) Home literacy environment: The impact of training on student achievement and home literacy environment practices

Selleck-Harwell, Ingrid (2004) Early adolescents' career explorations: Examination of family, school, and peer influences

Sheridan, Danielle J (2004) The effectiveness of targeted approaches to parent engagement

Vecchio, Theresa A (2004) The effects of perceived parental messages on first -year students' decision-making pertaining to alcohol use: Relevance for alcohol prevention programs

Vespia, Kathleen L (2004) Evaluating a high school special education program using a comprehensive approach focused on outcomes

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Dissertations & Theses from 2003

Bowen, Lorraine A (2003) Family -school partnerships in Rhode Island suburban middle schools

Chiaradonna, Janice Felicina (2003) An analysis of narcissism and aggression: In relationship to vocational -technical school adolescents in rural, suburban, and urban Massachusetts communities

DeBlois, Araxie Boghosian (2003) A needs analysis for a graduate program in nursing and public health in New England

DeMagistris, Denise (2003) Design features and components of a graduate program in special education

Doucette, Edward G (2003) Resiliency: Urban high school students who experience college success

Filippelli, Lawrence Paul (2003) A needs analysis for advanced programs in educational technology

Gibson, Thomas J (2003) The role of TRIO -Student Support Services for students who persist in college

Harpin, Lisa Tutaj (2003) Integration of ISLLC leadership standards into Rhode Island principal preparation programs

Ingram, Wanda S (2003) College students' perceptions of parental interventions

Jones, Karen M (2003) Leadership behaviors of site-based and nonsite-based middle school principals

Laliberte, Michael Roger (2003) The Student Affairs profession transformed: Catalytic events of 1968 to 1972

Larbi, Dinah A (2003) Factors that contribute to the success of secondary school principals in Rhode Island

Miller, Marilyn Tebbs (2003) Accreditation standards for undergraduate forensic science programs

Nardolillo-Dias, Mari (2003) Indicants of perceived impact of an emotional intelligence curriculum

Petrosinelli, Arthur-Paul (2003) Factors impacting *attendance in an inner city high school

Roll, Patricia Meehan (2003) Performance assessments: Middle school teacher knowledge and practice

Thornton, Philip Dean (2003) Selected correlates of Rhode Island high school students' English and mathematics achievement

Washor, Elliot (2003) Translating innovative pedagogical designs into school facilities designs

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Dissertations & Theses from 2002

Bartolini, Brian Joseph (2002) Student services assessments in colleges and universities: Current practices in one state and recommendations for improvements

Bayer, Amy Elizabeth (2002) Designing mental health services for a small and highly personalized high school

Bender, Donna Schulman (2002) Pre-service teacher training in Massachusetts colleges and universities: The impact of teacher education standards

Haughey, Paul Scott (2002) Applying research -based criteria to Rhode Island's public alternative schools and programs

Kpangbai, Mator M. F (2002) The evaluation of information technology plan implementation in Rhode Island public schools

Martinez, Margaret Ann (2002) Principal behaviors that influence teacher use of technology in Massachusetts

Mossberg, Frances S (2002) Comprehensive framework for K--12 assessment of English language learners

Quintin, Lynne D (2002) Looking for coherence in support services for minority students at community colleges

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Dissertations & Theses from 2001

Borowiec-Koczera, Ann (2001) Professional development for school administrators: Effects on school climate

Cotter, Maureen E (2001) Strategic leadership for student achievement: An exploratory analysis of school board-superintendent governance and development practices

Glenn, Carrie E (2001) School reform: Accountability, data use, and the principal

Marrapodi, Michael E (2001) A resilience -promoting dynamic learning community: A case study of a southern New England high school

Medeiros, Sherry Ann (2001) Mentoring aspiring principals to improve principal preparation

Skouras, Thomas John (2001) Graduate education: Needs, accommodations, and levels of service for adult students

Straughter, Brian (2001) The effects of peer observation on self -governance among elementary school teachers

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Dissertations & Theses from 2000

Alba, Guy Douglas (2000) An evaluation model for school and business partnerships

Dann-Messier, Brenda (2000) Access to higher education for welfare recipients: An analysis of welfare policy development designed by national and state policymakers

Dexter, Glenda Gray (2000) Mentors and proteges: The impact of the mentoring relationship on beginning teachers and mentor teachers

Freedman, Allan Gerald|Hurley (2000) Determinants of university climate and their effect on graduate school satisfaction: A case study of one university

Gray, Lawrence Wesley (2000) Student exclusions from school in Massachusetts: Are students treated equally?

Liguori, Lori J (2000) Evaluating professional development: The impact on classrooom teachers at the school district level

Mort, Kathleen Joy (2000) Principals' perceptions of learning communities

Puccio, Thomas J (2000) Decision-making processes and factors in Catholic high school selection

Siminski, Robert Joseph (2000) State funding, student performance, school effectiveness: A Massachusetts experience

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Dissertations & Theses from 1999

Bachand, Jeanie Krause (1999) Nursing students' perceptions of learning in community -based clinical settings

Cain, Maureen L (1999) A framework for increasing school council potential to effect school improvement

Canole, Mary C. Holland (1999) District strategic planning: Is there evidence of strategic thinking and acting? (A study of three Rhode Island school districts)

Eldredge, Richard Grenville (1999) The advancement president in higher education

Ellis, Rose (1999) Sources of principals' understanding of school restructuring

Gallagher, Joanne M (1999) Level of involvement of college students with and without disabilities at independent colleges in New England

Grubb, Gina Christine (1999) Corporate /college partnerships and their impact on corporations and institutions of higher education: A corporate perspective

Hallal, Fred E (1999) Distance education: Teacher perceptions and preferences for satellite-based telecommunications

Harrison, Jody V (1999) A study of the changing needs of the legal profession in the twenty-first century

Helmich, Doris I (1999) Individual student characteristics and satisfaction within the college environment

Nailor, Patricia Cook (1999) Developing school counselors as change agents for schools of tomorrow

Ottaviano, Donna M (1999) The relationship between elementary teacher professional development and classroom practices

Smith, Heather Clark (1999) Corporate /college partnerships and their impact on corporations and institutions of higher education: A higher education perspective

Sylvia, Clifford W (1999) Authentic assessment knowledge and practice of selected second-year Massachusetts high school teachers

2017-18 PhD Candidates

Joshua Baker
Working Dissertation: “Knowing if We Know Enough: Effective Transparency and Nuclear Threat Inflation”
Committee Chair: Jane Cramer
Research Interests: International Relations, American Foreign Policy, Threat Inflation, Intelligence Politicization, Nuclear Weapons Politics

Michael Faherty
Working Dissertation: “Political Facts and Misperceptions: Informing the Public and Countering Motivated Reasoning”
Committee Chair: Daniel Tichenor

Cary Fontana
Working Dissertation: “The Rise of Regionalist Parties: Reconceptualizing Electoral Success and the Supply-Side of Party Politics”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons

Nicole Francisco
Working Dissertation: “Organizing from the Inside: Contemporary Queer Prison Abolition Work”
Committee Chair: Alison Gash

Yongwoo Jeung
Working Dissertation: “Political Economy of Race in the U.S. Labor Market in the 1960s”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk
Research Interests: American Political Development, Political Economy of Skill Formation in Industrialized Countries, U.S. Labor Market and Race

Shawna Meechan
Working Dissertation: “Building Stable Governments in Post-Ethnic Civil War Societies – The Importance of Civilian Policing”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons
Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Public Policy, Comparative Ethnic Conflict, Civil War, Post-Conflict Rebuilding, Policing and Security

Malori Musselman
Working Dissertation: “Planting Diverse Seeds: Faith-Based Environmental Action in the United States”
Committee Chair: Joseph Lowndes
Research Interests: Political Culture and Identities, Religion and Politics, Feminist Theory, Body Politics, Environmental Political Theories

Benedikt Springer
Working Dissertation: “Building Single Markets in Federal Polities”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons
Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Political Economy, European Politics

John Valdez
Working Dissertation: “The Impact of Norms of Nuclear Weapons Use on American Foreign Policy and the Non-Proliferation Regime”
Committee Chair: Jane Cramer
Research Interests: International Relations, American Foreign Policy, Interpretive Methods, Nuclear Weapons Politics, Cold War History, Causes of Major Power War

Patrick Van Orden
Working Dissertation: “The Foreign Policy of Revolutionary States”
Committee Chair: Tuong Vu
Research Interests: Comparative Politics; International Relations; International Political Economy; Global Finance; Civil-Military Relations

2016-17 Placements

Thibaud Henin
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Concordia University in Montreal
Dissertation: “The Strategic Use of Transnational Private Standards: Strengthening or Weakening Government Regulations?”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell

2015-16 Placements

Robin Barklis
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Linfield College
Dissertation: “Together in Time: Historical Injustice, Collective Memory, and the Boundaries of Membership”
Committee Chair: Deborah Baumgold
Research Interests: Normative Political Theory, Non-Ideal Theory, Transitional Justice, Public Memory

Lisa Beard
Chancellor’s and Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California – Riverside
Dissertation: “If We Were Kin: Race, Identification, and Intimate Political Appeal”
Committee Chairs: Daniel HoSang and Joseph Lowndes
Research Interests: U.S. Politics, Racial Politics, Political Theory, Political Culture, Social Movements, Discourse, Gender and Sexuality Politics

Mehmet Celil Celebi
Instructor, Department of Political Science, University of Oregon
Dissertation: “Contesting Democracy: A Relational Approach to the Study of Regime Change in Turkey Under the JDP Governments Until 2013”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons
Research Interests: Interpretivist Methodologies, Turkish Politics, European Politics and European Integration, Politics of Development

Meian Chen
Analyst, Energy Foundation, China
Dissertation: “Seizing the Opportunity: Climate Politics in Developing Countries”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell
Research Interests: International Relations, International Environmental Politics, Climate and Energy Policies, Politics of China, Quantitative Methods (statistical analysis), International Political Economy

David Root
Assistant Professor, Department of History and Political Science, Indiana
University of Indianapolis
Dissertation: “The Chief Justice: Democratic Leadership of Judicial Decision-Making in the Hidden Branch”
Committee Chair: Alison Gash

John (Jay) Steinmetz
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Oregon
Dissertation: “Reel American Creed: Race and Liberalism in Hollywood Cinema”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk
Research Interests: American Politics, Film History, American Political Culture, Film Theory, Political Philosophy, Liberalism, Film Censorship

2014-15 Placements

Jessica Hejny
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Studies, Amherst College
Dissertation: “Pragmatist Policymaking: Rethinking Deliberation and Experimentation in Contemporary Environmental Governance”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk
Research Interests: Environmental Politics and Policy, Public Policy, Contemporary Political Theory, American Pragmatist Philosophy

Kelley Littlepage
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Bowling Green State University
Dissertation: “Crafting International Legal Orders: Horizontal Legal Intergration and the Borrowing of Foreign Law in British Courts”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons

Kathryn Miller
Joint Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Politics and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Program, Oberlin College
Dissertation: “Violence on the Periphery: Gender, Migration, and Violence Against Women in the US Context”
Committee Chair: Daniel Tichenor
Research Interests: US Politics and Public Policy, Immigration, Gender and Migration, Gendered Violence, Language Politics

Joshua Plencner
Assistant Visiting Professor, Department of Political Science, Union College
Dissertation: “Four-Color Political Visions: Origins, Affect, and Assemblage in American Superhero Comic Books”
Committee Chair: Joseph Lowndes
Research Interests: American Politics, Culture, and Identity; Race and Racism; Visual Culture and Methods; Political Theory; Comics Studies; Cultural Policy

Jeremy Strickler
Assistant Professor, Department of American Politics and Public Policy, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Dissertation: “Between Guns and Butter: Cold War Presidents, Agenda-Setting, and Visions of National Strength”
Committee Chair: Daniel Tichenor

Nicolas Thompson
Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies, University of South Florida
Dissertation: “Imagining the Fed: Central Bank Structure and United States Monetary Governance (1913 – 1968)”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

2013-14 Placements

Debasis Bhattacharya
Professor, Indian Institute of Learning & Management at the National Capital Region, India
Dissertation: “Legislative-Executive Relations and U.S. Foreign Policy: Continuum of Consensus and Dissension in Strategic Political Decision Process from 1970-2010”
Committee Chair: Priscilla Southwell

Jekatyerina (Katya) Dunajeva
Assistant Professor, Pázmány Péter Catholic University 
Dissertation: “‘Bad Gypsies’ and ‘Good Roma’: Constructing Ethnic and Political Identities through Education in Russia and Hungary”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons

Abdurrahman Pasha
Recruitment Coordinator, The Student’s Cooperative Association
Dissertation: “Between Conservatism and Socialism: Political Ambiguity and the Self-Help Cooperative Movement in Los Angeles, 1931-1940”
Committee Chair: Joseph Lowndes

 2012-13 Placements

Clayton Cleveland
Lecturer, Department of Government, College of William and Mary
Dissertation: “Storming the Security Council: The Revolution in UNSC Authority Over the Projection of Military Force”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell

Joseph Deckert
Technical Services Manager, Epic Software
Dissertation: “Patterns of Fraud: Tools for Election Forensics”
Committee Chair: Mikhail Myagkov

Evgeniya (Jane) Lukinova
Global Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU Shanghai
Dissertation: “Behavioral and Neurobehavioral Features of Sociality”
Committee Chair: Mikhail Myagkov

2011-12 Placements

Daniel Andersen
Instructor, Department of Political Science, Oregon State University
Dissertation: IFrom Deliberation to Dialogue: The Role of the I-Thou in Democratic Experience”
Committee Chair: Deborah Baumgold

2010-11 Placements

Bruno Anili
Assistant Consultant, Veredus – London
Dissertation: “Beyond Liberal Discourse: Meta-Ideological Hegemony and Narrative Alternatives”
Committee Chair: Deborah Baumgold

Edward Duggan
Assistant Professor, Tallahassee Community College
Dissertation: “The War Lobby: Iraq and the Pursuit of U.S. Primacy”
Committee Chair: Jane Cramer

Leif Hoffmann
Associate Professor, Social Sciences Division, Lewis-Clark State College
Dissertation: “Land of the Free, Home of the (Un)regulated: A Look at Market-Building and Liberalization in the EU and the US”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons

Forrest Nabors
Associate Professor and Department Chair, Department of Political Science, University of Alaska – Anchorage
Dissertation: “The Problem of Reconstruction: The Political Regime of the Antebellum Slave South”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

2009-10 Placements

Jennifer Hehnke
Teacher, Eugene International High School
Dissertation: “The Politics of Racial Integration in the Seattle Public Schools: Discourse, Policy, and Political Change, 1954-1991”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Sean Parson
Associate Professor, Department of Politics and International Affairs, Northern Arizona University – Flagstaff
Dissertation: “An Ungovernable Force? Food Not Bombs, Homeless Activism and Politics in San Francisco, 1988-1995”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Karen Peters Van Essen
Attorney, Los Angeles, California
Dissertation: “Opacity in an Era of Transparency: The Politics of De Facto Nuclear Weapon States”
Committee Chair: Lars Skalnes

Ryan Smith
Child and Family Therapist, South Lane Mental Health Svc
Dissertation: “A Comparative Assessment of Deliberative Claims: The Health Services Commission, the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, and New Community Meetings I and II”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

2008-09 Placements

Michelle Diggles
Senior Policy Advisor, Third Way
Dissertation: “Popular Response to Neoliberal Reform: The Political Configuration of Property Rights in Two Ejidos in Yucatan, Mexico”
Committee Chair: Dennis Galvan

Steven Rothman
Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Dissertation: “Explaining the International Agenda: Frames and Power in Politics”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell

Courtney Smith
Vice Consul, U.S. Department of State – U.S. Embassy to the Philippines
Dissertation: “The Politics of the Marked Body: An Examination of Female Genital Cutting and Breast Implantation”
Committee Chair: Dennis Galvan

2006-07 Placements

Dylan Bennett
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Waukesha
Dissertation: “Institutional Amplification and the Quasi-Liberal Ideological Work of Sports Talk Radio”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Jason Hartwig
Education and Programs Manager, Peterson Automotive Museum, California
Dissertation: “Flexibility, Fluidity, and Flux: Towards a Complex Theory of International Politics”
Committee Chair: John Orbell

Clinton Smith
Adjunct Instructor, Lane Community College
Dissertation: “Online Contentious Politics: Internet Use in the Dynamics of Political Change in Singapore”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

Edwin Taylor
Associate Professor and Department Chair, Department of Economics, Political Science, and Sociology, and Co-Director of Peace and Conflict Studies, Missouri Western State University; President of Pacific Northwest Political Science Association
Dissertation: “Engendering Peace: Masculinity, Femininity, and the Good Friday Negotiations in Northern Ireland”
Committee Chair: Dennis Galvan

Qinghua (Brian) Wang
Associate Professor of Political Science, School of Sociology and Political Science, Shanghai University
Dissertation: “Higher Education Reform in Post-Mao China: Market Forces vs. Political Control”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

2005-06 Placements

Mei Jiang
Tax Manager, Cisco Systems
Dissertation: “State Construction towards National Integration and Cultural Diversity in Modern China: A Case of Sichuan Province in the Southwest of China”
Committee Chair: Richard Kraus

Eric Lindgren
Carroll Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Oregon AY16-17
Dissertation: “Understanding the Effect of Progressive Era Electoral Reforms on City Elections: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Races”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

2004-05 Placements

Lada Kochtcheeva
Associate Professor, School of Public and International Affairs, North Carolina State University
Dissertation: “Institutional Requisites for Flexible Policy Instruments: Environmental Policy in the United States and Russia”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

Oleg Smirnov
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Stony Brook University
Dissertation: “Formal Evolutionary Modeling and the Problems of Political Science”
Committee Chair: John Orbell

2003-04 Placements

R. Charli Carpenter
Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Dissertation: “Innocent Women and Children: Gender, Norms and the Protection of Civilians”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell

Robin Jacobson
Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Government, University of Puget Sound
Dissertation: “Beyond the Border: Collective Action, Citizenship and Color in Proposition 187”
Committee Chairs: Gerald Berk and Julie Novkov

Kevin Pirch
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science and International Affairs, Eastern Washington University
Dissertation: “The Others: Third Party Presidential Candidates and the Elite Print Media, 1968-2000”
Committee Chair: Priscilla Southwell

2002-03 Placements

Max Brown
Advocacy and Development Policy Analyst, Aging and People with Disabilities Program, Oregon Department of Human Services
Dissertation: “Trust, Power, and Workplace Democracy: A Study of Health and Safety Works Councils in Oregon”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Mathew Manweller
Professor, Department of Political Science, Central Washington University; Deputy Floor Leader and Ranking Member of the Labor Committee, Washington State House of Representatives
Dissertation: “Initiative Elites and the Courts: A Strategic New Institutionalist View of the State Initiative”
Committee Chair: Julie Novkov

2001-02 Placements

Joseph Boland
Director of Application Development, Department of Educational and Community Supports, University of Oregon
Dissertation: “The Cold War Legacy of Regulatory Risk Analysis: The Atomic Energy Commission and Radiation Safety”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Nandita Chaudhuri
Research Scientist, Public Policy Research Institute, Texas A&M University
Dissertation: “Colonial Legacies and the Politics of Ethnoregionalism in South Asia: The Cases of Chittagong Hill Tracts and Jharkhand Movements”
Committee Chair: Richard Kraus

2000-01 Placements

Jhea-Whan Hong
Director, E-Government & Soft Power Research Center, The Korea Institute of Public Administration
Dissertation: “The Puzzles of Korean Technological Development, 1960-97”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

Patricia Keilbach
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Dissertation: “Domestic and International Sources of Environmental Cooperation: A Study of European Union Expansion”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell

Jeffrey Schroeder
Professor, Des Moines Area Community College
Dissertation: “Recognizing that Intellectual Property Rights are Private Rights: A Political Theory of the Origin and Development of Private Intellectual Property Rights with Case Analysis of the Pacific Rim”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

Andrew Wahlstrom
Academic Advisor, Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon
Dissertation: “Liberalism, Perfectionism, and Religious Community”
Committee Chair: Deborah Baumgold

Stefanie Wickstrom
Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Central Washington University
Dissertation: “The Political Ecology of Development and Indigenous Resistance in Panama and the United States: A Comparative Study of the Ngobe, Kuna, Zuni, and Skokomish Societies”
Committee Chair: Jane Dawson
New Publication

1999-00 Placements

Scott Crosson
Economist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Dissertation: “Exclusive Group Formation as a Collective Action Problem”
Committee Chair: John Orbell

James Hanley
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Adrian College
Dissertation: “The Role of Non-Cooperative Games in the Evolution of Cooperation”
Committee Chair: John Orbell

Michael Welsh
Professor, Department of Economics and Political Science, Keene State College
Dissertation: “Discursive Policy Processes and the Environment: Lessons from Case Studies of Public Range Management”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

1998-99 Placements

Stuart Shulman
Founder and CEO of Texifter, LLC; Inventor of DiscoverText and Sifter; Research Associate Professor, Textifier
Dissertation: “The Origin of the Federal Farm Loan Act: Agenda-Setting in the Progressive Era Print Press”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Paul Thiers
Associate Professor, School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs, Washington State University – Vancouver
Dissertation: “Green Food: The Political Economy of Organic Agriculture in China”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

1997-98 Placements

Marcella Becker
Business Owner, Germany
Dissertation: “From Historical Dislocation to a Politics of Totality: A Comparative Case Study”
Committee Chair: Priscilla southwell

Ronald Helms
Professor, Department of Sociology, Western Washington University
Dissertation: “The Politics of Felony Sentencing: An Empirical Analysis of County-Level Determinants”
Committee Chair: David Jacobs

Andrew Milton
Teacher of Primary/Secondary Education
Dissertation: “Institutional Change and Continuity in post-Communist East Central Europe: Why are the News Media Still Dependent?”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

David Waguespack
Associate Professor, Department of Management and Organization, University of Maryland
Dissertation: “The Effect of Decision Context on Organizational Risk Management: A Model of Superfund Site Decisions”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

1996-97 Placements

Yali Peng
Director at KPMG China – Management Consulting
Dissertation: “Smoke and Power: The Political Economy of Chinese Tobacco”
Committee Chair: Richard Kraus

Joel Rast
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science; Director of Urban Studies, Center for Economic Development, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Dissertation: “Contested Terrain: Downtown Redevelopment, Industrial Displacement, and Regime Change in Chicago, 1955-1996”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Stan Taylor
Instructor, Department of Political Science, Lane Community College
Dissertation: “Fractal Politics: Nonlinear Thresholds to Democratic Action in the Postmodern Era”
Committee Chair: John Dryzek

John Tullius
Intelligence Chair, Department of Defense Analysis at the Naval Post GradauteSchool
Dissertation: “Environmental Groups as Catalysts for Political Liberalization in Authoritarian Societies: Bulgaria and Taiwan During the 1980s”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell

1995-96 Placements

David Schlosberg
Professor, Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney
Dissertation: “Diversity, Action, and Participation in the US Environmental Movement: The Case for a Critical Pluralism”
Committee Chair: John Dryzek

1994-95 Placements

Jeff Berejikian
Associate Professor, Department of International Affairs, University of Georgia
Dissertation: “The Gains Debate: Framing State Choice”
Committee Chair: John Dryzek

David Carruthers
Professor, Department of Political Science, San Diego State University
Dissertation: “The Political Ecology of Indigenous Mexico: Social Mobilization and State Reform”
Committee Chair: John Dryzek

Marcy Everest
Professor, Department of Political Science, South Florida State College
Dissertation: “New Institutional and Environmental Policy: An Analysis of Congressional Structure and Policy Content”
Committee Chair: Priscilla Southwell

Matthew Mulford
Affiliate Professor at HEC-Paris; Senior Research Fellow at The London School of Economics; and Visiting Faculty at the European School of Management and Technology – Berlin
Dissertation: “Expectations and Shifting Values in Dilemma Interactions”
Committee Chair: John Orbell

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