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Socrates, Philosophy and the Good Life Essay

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Socrates, Philosophy and the Good Life

Socrates' belief was that he was called on by the Gods to live his life examining others and himself. He believed the necessity of doing what one thinks is right even in the face of universal opposition, and the need to pursue knowledge even when opposed. "I became completely convinced, to the duty of leading the philosophical life by examining myself and others."¹ Socrates believed that to desert this idea was ridiculous and would make his life absurd. Socrates chose to live a life of truth and not to worry about things that did not matter. For Socrates not to live his life by the plans and requests of Gods it would be disobedient and untrue to the Gods. Socrates was brought to court to defend…show more content…

Socrates asks the question "Is there anyone in the world, Meletus, who acknowledges that human phenomena exist, yet does not acknowledge human beings?"9 After more questions of the same type, Meletus answers no. Socrates again proves his point. Socrates brings the irrational charge down to simple accusation because Meletus was a loss for a legitimate offense. Socrates says there is no conceivable way that a person who believes in spiritual beings does not believe in gods. The argument that proved inconsistency in Meletus' answers was: spirits exists, God created spirits, therefore, the creator of spirits exists (God). It seems that Meletus did understand the laws of the court and was simply charging Socrates with any crime he could think of. Socrates goes to say that Meletus and Anytus will go on to convict many more good men and they will not stop with him. Socrates states that it will not be Meletus and Anytus that convict but the malice and slander and great hostility that will. Socrates refutes the irreligion charge by proving that since he believes in spirits he believes in gods. "I have neglected the things that concern most people-making money, managing an estate, gaining military power or civic honours, or positions of power."10 Even today to most of the human race the good life is acquiring great status here on earth. Most men need to have much material possession, meaningful vocation, and a wealthy class.

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My Idea of a good life

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My idea of the good life

Depending you are a man or a woman, there can be many aspects and opinions of the good life. Depending your rich or poor, there are many aspects. Some people say money is the key to a good life, but I do not think that. The age means something, but I have my opinion and have my own examples, and I will tell you, and can only speak for my self.
From childhood you need good solicitous parents. If you have good parents, it has good effects on you, but if you have bad parents that don’t care about you, it will have negative effects on you and your future. Of course, that’s not a rule, but in most cases that will be the chance. My parents raised me well and have always loved me, and I love them too. If your life has to be good, you always need some resistance from your parents, so it isn’t all sugar in your childhood. Resistance will surely be good for you. My parents always there to support me. Support is very important for your life no matter your 5 years old or 60 years old. They have been there to support and guide me, whether it is badminton, school or any other problems. So it’s very important to have parents, and most important, parents that supports and guides me.
Then you grow up and gets older. You start in school and get a lot of friends hopefully. I see the school as a important thing for your life, why that is the way to build up a good education, so you can have a job when your finishing school. For people who do not blow up, education is the same as a bright future. Friends are probably the most important things for your life. If your have friends you are never alone, and that’s why you can’t live without friends. A couple months ago I moved to Aalborg (I live alone), and first I was afraid of being alone the first while. I found surprisingly many friends, and they made me feel home.
For me, the most important thing, besides my family, is badminton. I train 6 times a week, and that does not include tournaments in weekends. It helps me stressing of and it helps keeping in shape. Badminton gives me lot of experiences.

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My Idea of a good life Essay - My idea of the good life Depending you are a man or a woman, there can be many aspects and opinions of the good life. Depending your rich or poor, there are many aspects. Some people say money is the key to a good life, but I do not think that. The age means something, but I have my opinion and have my own examples, and I will tell you, and can only speak for my self. From childhood you need good solicitous parents. If you have good parents, it has good effects on you, but if you have bad parents that don’t care about you, it will have negative effects on you and your future....   [tags: essays research papers]548 words
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Some people think dying is a hard and bad thing, but that’s a part of their lives. I’m not afraid of dying, I just don’t want to.

Parents, friends, school, education and hobby’s is all valuable things in a good life. I have all these things in my life, so I live a very good life, and I’m happy as I am.

Looking around the world, we need to do things, things that help other people who need our helps. Understanding is a problem. We have all this war problems because of misunderstanding and greediness. If people learned of that, there would be no war, or at least must lesser war. But we can never have the perfect world, were every people lives in harmony. There will always be something wrong. My biggest wish is that everybody could have the perfect life, or at least a good life.

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