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Paragraph on Media Production Log

In this area I will research and looking for certain information about the magazine covers which am I choosing to work in the main task in media studies. By the end of the lesson in media studies, I will deciding the brief about what task I doing in media, so I choose to do PRINT task because it’s easy to do and also my brother doing this brief task so maybe my brother also influence me to do this task. When I research in internet search engine (www. google. com) I research about the magazine front cover, then I found a website which is all about explaining the semiotics (means study of sign and symbols) in teenage magazine.

In this information a found in Google maybe I will read this information because this will be helpful to me to do my task about the magazine In the task is music magazine cover because I have some knowledge on how to make a music magazine, because when I was doing a media studies in last year (2007) I choose also magazine cover. So in this brief task I doing is I have idea and techniques to do this task and also music is one of my favourite hobbies. 03/06/09 Research and find information and pictures in making a music magazine cover. – Computer (Internet) – Magazine.

– Library (Library is really good source of information to find good research about this task made in media. I found lots of information on the magazine covers, which is in internet. The magazine and the library – means also my resources to help me to create my own magazine cover. In these sources I found some ideas on creating my own music magazine cover. This kind of source which is the best guidelines to search for making magazine cover because I see beautiful pictures, and found some techniques on how to build my own magazine cover, and other information related in magazine. Maybe I will barrow a camera from the head teacher Mr.

Baptiste to take a picture to my task in magazine cover so that I will provide a good practical work in my work. I will use my old work in magazine cover in last year so I will use as a guidelines to make better marks. In this day I forget to borrowing camera to Mr. Baptiste which is to taking pictures. But the good thing is we have a camera at home so that I have a chance to take my own pictures of making a music magazine 03/07/09 03/08/09 (Week end) In this 2 days day off of school, I will used my time to find a good suitable pictures for my magazine cover, and more information of magazine task

– The sources I needed is Camera which is taking pictures, – Internet which I search some suitable information and guidelines In these two days off in school, I will must find my pictures on my own music magazine cover, and other pictures which are include for making my own music magazine cover. This two days day off in school, the obstruction to not doing my coursework in media is working, which I cannot do my work. And the last thing are playing in computer games and going hangout with my friends. 03/11/09 I will buy a original music magazine in store which is also needed in this course – Money – Bus pass

This day is I go in town centre to buy an original magazine to photo copy the pages of magazine and I analysing the different information using media terminology. I will find other nearly store in my place which is no wasting time and also money. 03/17/09 Working on Production Report of my new music magazine cover – Computer – Microsoft word 2003 – Internet In this day I will work on production report which is the main task of making new music magazine cover. In production report – I will work on my brief, planning of production within the magazine cover, my main target audience, constructing the production and evaluation.

Maybe I will find different types of sources to improve my coursework in this subject. 03/17/09 Reviewing and checking my own questionnaires about music magazine cover. – Computer – Microsoft word 2003 In these 2 lessons in media studies, I will change all corrections of my questionnaires within my music magazine cover. Because Mr. Baptiste checking my questionnaires to make sure that the questionnaires about the music magazine is correct. This is important because to make sure that my work is correct and to make high grades/marks of this subject. In this days, I hope that Mr.Baptiste quickly done on photo copying of my questionnaires.

So means that I will work on my next level of this work, like giving questionnaires to the people and making questionnaires results. 03/10/09 Explaining and analysing my music magazine which Mr. Baptiste already photocopy the important pages within my magazine. – Microsoft word In this day I will explaining my music magazine which I explain the front cover, article pages and the back pages of the magazine, so I explaining the media terminologies which are the denotation / connotation, the semiotics, message values and the masthead on the magazine.

I have only 3 lessons on this day so I have a time to do this work. In this free period of my time, I going out in school to find other places that have music magazine and also research some information related in music magazine. 03/23/09 Giving music magazine questionnaires in the public – My questionnaires – Camera (which taking pictures those people I give questionnaires. I will give my own questionnaires which all about music magazine in the public.

Then I will bring camera to take pictures those people that I give questionnaires which means I have evidence that I giving this questionnaires outside in the school. This is important in part of my foundation coursework in media to ensure that I will get good marks in media studies. Because I shown that I will work with my own practical work in ideas on doing this work. I will call Kevin to help me to take pictures those people I giving questionnaires and maybe I will come other places that more walking people, this would help me to answer all questionnaires that I make in music magazine.

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