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There is, in much of Wilson's early work, a wonderful chameleon quality. He can become Henry James, take on his style and attitudes with perfect pitch. He was rescued, however, from what must have been a great temptation to follow James on a lifetime's journey, when he spent a year as a hospital orderly in France during the First World War, in the company of ordinary Americans, while numbers of his friends became officers. Many years later, in "Patriotic Gore," he would wonder what might have happened to James had he fought, as many of his contemporaries did, in the Civil War. His version of Oliver Wendell Holmes's war experience in "Patriotic Gore" was close to autobiography: "For a young man who has always lived comfortably and accepted the security of convention, it may be an educational advantage for him to see his society with the bottom knocked out, its most honored institutions threatened and its members, irrespective of class, thrown together in conflict to the death or in obligatory cooperation."

In New York after the war, Wilson began to write about books for Vanity Fair, which paid him $75 a week, and other, smaller publications, which gave him space. "By the mid-1920's," Dabney writes, "Wilson had the authority in his generation he'd acquired among school and college friends." His review of "The Waste Land" in The Dial a month after the poem was published recognized its achievement, as did his review of "Ulysses" in 1922. Wilson was the first American reviewer of Hemingway, in 1924, believing his work to be a "distinctively American development in prose." Hemingway declared that Wilson's opinion was the only one "in the States I have any respect for." James Baldwin was later to say that the only two American writers who had influenced him when he was young were Henry James and Edmund Wilson. Auden once said that he wrote for Wilson alone.

Wilson was lucky, when he moved from Vanity Fair to The New Republic, where he became literary editor in 1926, that the magazine was open to his vast curiosity and wide-ranging talent. He wrote to meet deadlines and for readers, believing, with fervor and optimism, that he and his readers shared an abiding concern with culture. When Lionel Trilling met him at The New Republic in 1929, "he seemed in his own person, and young as he was, to propose and to realize the idea of the literary life. . . . One got from him a whiff of Lessing at Hamburg, of Sainte-Beuve in Paris." Dabney writes, "As literary editor, Wilson had made The New Republic the primary organ in the United States for people who loved books."

The New Republic's real importance for Wilson, however, was that it allowed him to expand his interests from the merely literary to the social and the political. In a 1929 letter to Allen Tate he wrote, "I begin to wonder whether the time hasn't arrived for the intellectuals, etc., to identify themselves a little more with the general life of the country." As the Depression deepened, Wilson began to travel for the magazine, reporting on strikes and sieges, on political protest and dissent and on the deep suffering of those marginalized in America. It was a great education for a man whose best-known early book was "Axel's Castle" (1931), a collection of essays about Valéry and Proust, Eliot and Yeats.

Slowly, Wilson became politicized, no longer merely a literary critic but a figure on the left. In January 1931 in The New Republic he wrote an influential "Appeal to Progressives" to "take Communism away from the Communists" and apply it to American society. When his collection of pieces about his travels in America appeared, Hemingway wrote to Dos Passos, "Bunny's book was wonderful reporting -- wish he had kept on reporting and not to have had to save his soul."

Wilson traveled to the Soviet Union in 1935. "Had Wilson any idea of what was happening, he could not have completed 'Finland Station' as planned," Dabney writes. "In 1935 he took note of phenomena that he did not understand until long afterward." Wilson waited in line in Red Square to look at Lenin's embalmed face, which he thought "extraordinarily fine, intellectual, distinguished," noting also Lenin's "square-tipped, effective fingers." He had already been planning a book on the origins of the revolution, and after much bureaucratic foot-dragging won permission to visit Lenin's birthplace. "The restored house," Dabney writes, "strengthened his humanistic vision of Lenin." His portrayal of Lenin as a heroic figure tells us more about how a mainstream left-wing American intellectual viewed things in the 1930's than it does about Lenin.

The idea behind "To the Finland Station," published in September 1940, was brilliant. Wilson sought to trace the intellectual roots of Communism, painting clear and vivid portraits of the thinkers and philosophers whose work had led to the October Revolution in 1917. He was greatly helped by being able to rehearse these portraits in the pages of The New Republic, while his great handicap, as he wrote to an old teacher in 1937, was his lack of grounding in German philosophy. "Dialectical materialism . . . really comes right out of it; and you would have to know everything from Kant down to give a sound account of it. I have never done anything with German philosophy, and can't bear it, and am having a hard time now propping that part of my story up." In a foreword to a recent edition of the book, Louis Menand commented: "He never did get it properly figured out. . . . Wilson had no idea what he was talking about."

The value of "To the Finland Station" comes in its stylish and sympathetic portraits of Karl Marx and his family and of Friedrich Engels. Wilson was a brilliant storyteller. His portrait of the calamities and miseries of Marx's life in London is unforgettable, as is the cold restraint of his tone when he describes the suffering of Marx's immediate family (his wife was beset by various illnesses, including smallpox, and several of their children died). Wilson drew Marx, to some extent, in his own likeness, beginning with Marx as a young poet, just as Wilson had been, loving "learning for its own sake," as he did, developing also a prose style that was highly wrought and literary, and slowly becoming exposed to the realities of the social and political world around him.

Wilson's brilliant evocation of Marx's disastrous personal circumstances as he labored on his great work, "Das Kapital," echoes a similar disordered context in which Wilson put order on his thoughts. "The gulf between the page and his private life was deepening" is not an unusual sentence in this biography of Wilson. It is not a coincidence either that the observation "The true successor to Michelet's history was Marx's 'Capital' " was typed by Wilson on the back of a letter threatening him with eviction.

But Wilson was also capable of thinking carefully and writing well about Marx's Jewish heritage and how he "found in his personal experience the key to the larger experience of society."

Wilson was not a rigid ideologue; he thought on his feet and if the thinking did not suit a theory, then he stood his ground. This means that books like "Axel's Castle" and "The Triple Thinkers" contain great essays but no overall vision of literary theory or practice. It means also that some of his asides in "To the Finland Station," what V. S. Pritchett called its "vernacular pugnacity" and its "shrewdness, piety and good will," which Pritchett believed marked it out as "deeply American," give the book an edge, make it exciting. In a chapter called "Karl Marx: Poet of Commodities and Dictator of the Proletariat," Wilson began to muse about Marxism and America: "What Karl Marx had no clue for understanding was that the absence in the United States of the feudal class background of Europe would have the effect not only of facilitating the expansion of capitalism but also of making possible a genuine social democratization; that a community would grow up and endure in which the people engaged in different occupations would probably come nearer to speaking the same language and even to sharing the same criteria than anywhere else in the industrialized world."

Neither Wilson nor The New Republic favored American intervention in World War II. The editorial board changed course when the British husband of the effective owner of the magazine insisted on reversing the policy in the autumn of 1940, removing members of the staff. Until 1943, when he began his association with The New Yorker (starting on a one-year contract for $10,000 plus $3,000 for expenses), Wilson was without a platform. Even as those around him changed their line on the war, as knowledge of the Holocaust was growing, Wilson was not convinced of the rightness of his country's involvement. In essays written in the 1950's he was greatly preoccupied by the bombing of Dresden and the American decision "to go the Nazis one better by destroying whole Japanese towns -- killing or crippling for life all ages and sexes of noncombatants -- through the effects of radioactivity."

Writing a biography of Edmund Wilson is like taking one of Saul Bellow's better-known protagonists and reducing him to a sober set of themes. It is hard not to feel sometimes that, despite Wilson's patrician background and Princeton education, Bellow played a part in inventing him, or, indeed, that Wilson helped to mold Bellow. In the summer of 1939, when Wilson was teaching briefly at the University of Chicago, Bellow, according to Dabney, "would remember the thrill of meeting Wilson on a street near the university, being invited to drop by, and attending one or two meetings of the Dickens course." When Wilson lectured at Princeton in late 1952, rehearsing the ideas that would make up "Patriotic Gore," Bellow -- who was then teaching there while writing "The Adventures of Augie March" -- was in the audience.

The sheer passionate untidiness of Wilson's personal life, his crazy relationships with women, the fierce drinking, mixed with the intensity and the headlong nature of his writing life, belong to a Bellow novel. His marriage to Mary McCarthy would be a gift to any novelist. In real life, however, it was hard. McCarthy was 25 when they met, Wilson 42; they got married in February 1938. Wilson, it became clear, had an extraordinary gift: he could drink all night and then be clearheaded and ready for work in the morning. Once drunk, however, he would argue and fight. McCarthy would fight back. The years of their marriage were notable for constant recrimination and reconciliation, described in letters, diaries, fiction, memoirs and many subsequent interviews. Their son, Reuel, remembered Wilson's "fear-inspiring temper" and "stentorian voice." They divorced in 1946.

It is impossible for a biographer to enter with equal fire and flair into Wilson's tragic and comic soul, his innocent appetites, his pure idealism, his belief in the word and his vast impracticality. Dabney, who worked on this book for many years and who knew Wilson personally, is diligent. All the information one needs about Wilson is here, except how the man became the style, which is the hardest subject to describe, and whose lack is, in a work of this length, somewhat frustrating. Dabney also faces the difficulty of separating Wilson's labyrinthine sex life from the rest of him or trying to merge the two and make sense of them. We know a great deal about Wilson's sex life because he wrote it down himself in diaries, in his fiction and in letters. It is possible that we know far too much. Do we need to know, for example, that after his return from the Soviet Union, Wilson and a woman named Louise had sex for 36 hours, the sex getting "better and better," until he was "spanking her with a hairbrush, which she explained 'would always bind us together' "? Whole chapters of this exhaustive biography concern Wilson and his wives, girlfriends and lovers.

It is too easy to suggest that Wilson the lover and the boozer should be kept away from Wilson the writer. His private life did not make its way into his best work, which was his criticism, in a way that it did in the case of novelists like his friend Scott Fitzgerald or indeed Saul Bellow. And yet Wilson's personality, his sensuous nature, entered his writing in a way that is rare for critics and historians. The wreck of his first two marriages -- he divorced his first wife, Mary Blair, after seven years; his second wife, Margaret Canby, died in an accidental fall -- the bitterness of his third, the happiness he found in his last two decades, and the sheer quantity of his drinking, reflect both comically and intensely on his state of mind. His passion for ideas, for making judgments, for writing elegantly, for telling a story with pace and for learning languages, is the same reckless passion he felt for many women, for staying up all night drinking, or taking long taxi rides without a care for the cost, or forgetting to pay his taxes. He loved life as much as he loved letters; he loved his learning as much as he loved mankind. Perhaps Dabney is right to include so much detail on what that love entailed.

If Wilson's second act was the drama of his political years and his marriage to Mary McCarthy, then his final act was his marriage to Elena Mumm Thornton, 11 years his junior, the child of a German father and Russian mother. He met her in 1946; she succeeded, according to his friend Dawn Powell, "in de-irascibilizing as well as rejuvenating the Bard." His mother's death in 1951 left him financially more secure; he also inherited the old family property at Talcottville in upstate New York, which allowed him to play the squire when he was not at his house on Cape Cod, which Elena had carefully redecorated for his comfort.

The two-bit reviewer, as his son would have it, was both careful and lucky with his legacy. As early as 1936 he had "made a rule not to allow my articles to be reprinted in anthologies. I don't consider any of them are worth preserving . . . except the ones I have worked over and published in books."

His books, essentially well-polished articles, began to reach a wider audience and a new generation in the early 1950's, when they were published and well promoted in Jason Epstein's new Doubleday Anchor paperback series. "Epstein," Wilson wrote in 1953, "is sold on my writings to an extent that is almost embarrassing."

Wilson a half-century later has been almost as lucky with his biographer, who does not seek to expose his flaws, dwell on his failures or reduce his achievements. Nonetheless, Dabney's offering so much space to Wilson's untidy personal life may not be to the taste of those who continue to admire the books he wrote and his lifelong commitment to the written word.

Colm Toibin's latest novel is "The Master."

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2014                      Catalog Essay THREAD/BARE: Studio Channel Islands Art Center, January 2014

2013--                    Featured Arts Blogger, HUFFINGTON POST. Full Archive HERE.

2014                      Catalog Essay, Manfred & Laura Menz: NATURAL SECURITY at Baik Art, Bergamot Station, January 2014

2013                      Exhibition Essay, Amy Barkow: Ink on Paper

2013                     Contributing Writer PALM SPRINGS LIFE MAGAZINE

                              Chino Canyon Project | PSFAF Guide February 2017

                              Sant Khalsa Feature Artist Profile, Art & Culture Edition, December 2016

                              The Second Edition of the Joshua Treenial Art Fair (preview feature), December 2016    

                              Painter Eric Nash profile, November 2015

                              Palm Springs Museum of Art's Director Liz Armstrong profile, November 2015

                              Fletcher Benton, February 2015

                              Andrea Zittel Palm Springs Art Museum exhibition preview, December 2014 (Arts+Culture)
                              Ai WeiWei: Zodiac, PSAM exhibition profile, December 2014 (Arts+Culture)
                              J. Willott Gallery profile: The Art of Appeal, January 2015
                              High Desert Test Sites, December 2013
                              Philip K. Smith: Lucid Stead (cover story), December 2013

2013                     Book Essay Mercedes Helnwein: NO WAY HOME, Zero+ Publishing, October 2013

2013                     Book Essay, Brandon Boyd: So the Echo
                              Endophasia Publications, September 2013 INFO HERE

2013                     Catalog Essay, JonMarc Edwards: The Language of Abstraction

2013                     Catalog Essay Suzan Woodruff: Cracks in the Light

2013                     Catalog Essay Stephanie Pryor: New Work, Marine Contemporary, September 2013

2013                     Catalog Essay SOME FINE WOMEN AT VAST Space, Las Vegas, August 2013

2013                     Book Essay, Mark Dean Veca: 20 Years (Zero+ Publishing, August 2013) INFO HERE

2013                     Catalog Essay Jeff Koegel: Slow Chemical Orchestra AT Merry Karnowsky Gallery, May 2013

2013-14               Art Writer, SCENE MAGAZINE (NYC)
                              LIARS: Music Meets West Coast Conceptualism band profile -- April 2014
                              David Lynch Dreams Big (feature interview) -- Summer 2013

2013                     Exhibition Essay Simon McWiiliams: Abstract Armature READ ESSAY

2013                     Exhibition Essay Jennifer Vanderpool: Family Stories, Faina Gallery, Sevastopool, Ukraine

2013                     Catalog Essay Sam Erenberg: AWA, College of the Canyons Art Gallery, Santa Clarita

2013 -                   Contributing Writer, Popcurious.com
                              Paddy Wilkins: Colorform at Curio Gallery, May 2013
                              Fil OK: Electropolis (album review), October 2013

2013                     Foreword Anthony Ausgang: The Pawnee Republican

2013                     Book Essay, Fatemeh Burnes: Imprints of Nature and Human Nature
                              Exhibited at Mt. San Antonio College, May 2013

2013                     Book Essay, Freyda Miller: Here Comes the Bride and Other Nightmares

2013                     Catalog Essay, Lisa Adams: Second Life at CB1 Gallery, April 2013

2013--                  Writer, FLAUNT MAGAZINE

                              Amir H. Fallah at Shulamit Nazarian (September 2017, the Eternal issue)
                              Drue Kataoka (September 2015)

                              James Georgopoulos (Summer 2015 cover artist) The Summer Camp Issue

                              Mika Rottenberg profile (cover) The Frankenstein Issue (December 2014)
                              Jill Magid profile (cover) The Frankenstein Issue (December 2014)
                              The Selfie Issue 15th Anniversary Special (Summer 2014) and MICROSITE
                              Ben Jones (January 2014) The Art Issue
                              Francesco Vezzoli (November 2013 cover artist) The Battle Issue
                              The Russian Avant-Garde (September 2013) The Stakes Issue
                              Vincent Szarek artist profile (March 2013)
                              Amie Dicke artist profile (January 2013)
                              Sayre Gomez artist profile (January 2013)

2013                     Essay, Bettina Hubby's Pretty Limber                  

2013                     Contributing Writer, ARTWEEK.la
                              Robert Berman's 35 year Vacation (September 2014)
                              George Mann at Gallery Yoram Gil (January 2014)
                              Shizuko Greenblatt: A Tree Grows in Modernism (ArtShare LA, June 2013)
                              Jordi Alcaraz exhibition review (Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, October 2013)

2013                     Essay, Lekha Singh's Global Society                    

2013-15               Contributing Writer, MONTAGE MAGAZINE/BESPOKE MAGAZINE
                              The 175th Anniversary of the Camera (Fall 2015)

                              Alexander Calder at the Tate Modern (Winter 2015)

                              The Art of Curating: Dan Cameron, Christopher Bedford, Fumio Nanjo, Helen Molesworth (Spring 2015)

                              Vernacular Photography (Winter 2015)

                              The History of Photographic Technology (Winter 2014)
                              Museums & Galleries of Orange County (April 2013)
                              Celebrity Photographers: Bert Stern, Patrick Demarchelier, Martin Schoeller, John Russo (December 2013)
                              Global Fashion Museums (May 2013)
                              John Russo artist Profile (May 2013)

2013                     ArtInfo.com: Palm Springs Art Fair: 10 Outstanding Attractions, February 2013

2012--                  Writer,  ARTBOUND | KCET

                              SLOW TIME: De-skilled Ceramics

                              SLOW TIME: Gardeners and Botanists

                              Desert X: Land Art at the Edge of the City

                              Contemporary Art in the Iranian Diaspora: Focus Iran 2 at CAFAM and Iranian Arts Brief at Arena 1

                              Special Election Editorial: Art Journalism in the Age of Trump

                              Downtown LA's Newest Cultural Institution: The Main Museum

                              The Incredible Story of Mixografia Studio
                              Hauser Wirth Schimmel opens in the DTLA Arts District

                              Inaugural CURRENT:LA Biennial (Water)

                              Interview with John Outterbridge

                              Young Projects Video Art Gallery

                              Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik

                              Bari Kumar

                              Game Girls

                              Blake Little

                              F. Scott Hess (named to the Top 5 Visual Art Stories of 2015)

                              Remembering Ojai gallerist Jolene Lloyd, January 2016

                              Videos: Victor Wilde (2012) | Gary Baseman (2013) | Alison O'Daniel (2013) | Public Art at LAX (2014) 

2012                     Book Essay, Shark Toof (Zero+ Publishing, July 2012) INFO HERE

2012                     Catalog Essay Jin-Ho Song: A Celestial Space
                              Presented by the Korean American Museum at PYO Gallery, November 2012

2012                     Catalog Essay Los Angeles Assemblage Group: PORTRAITS Exhibition, San Pedro, October 2012

2012                     Catalog Essays, Doug Edge at Cirrus Gallery. One book each for the four shows Edge did with Cirrus.
                               1971: The Chatsworth Series. 1972: Fun Addict. 1973: Recent Objects. 1976: Nineteen Seventy-Six

2012                     Contributing Writer ARTVoices
                              Ryan Mcintosh Artist Profile and ACIREMA Exhibition Review at Honor Fraser Gallery, October 2012

2012                     Festival Correspondent, Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival, Official Correspondent

2011--                   Art Editor, VS. Magazine (New York/Amsterdam)
                              Eric White, September 2015

                              February 2014 (BETTER): Alexander Klingspor | Guess Jeans head designer Sharleen Lazear |

                                       What is Better Art? Interviews w/ Cheech Marin, David LaChapelle, Kori Newkirk, Tom Sachs, Ron

                                       English, Kimberly Brooks, and Micol Hebron
                              September 2013 (HASHTAG): Marina Abramovic | Kyle MF Williams
                              February 2013 (PASSIONATE): Jordan Eagles
                              September 2012 (ECCENTRIC): Tobey Maguire | Paul Marciano | Swinda Reichelt
                              February 2012 (INTIMATE): Tasya van Ree | Elizabeth Olsen
                              September 2011 (CINEMATIC): Why Artists Love to Live in LA, But Don't Show Here

2011                    Art Picks Writer + Blogger, LA WEEKLY + GOLA Calendar (print and web), Public Spectacle (web only)
                             Highlights from the World of $100,000 Glass Bongs, August 2016

                             Best of LA 2015: Pretty in Plastic | 3D Retro | NELA Art Night

                             Musical Art-Spaces, LA Weekly Art Season Special Edition, September 2010

2011                    Featured Artist , Debating Through the Arts, 18th Street Legacy Project, Summer 2011:
                             INTERNET-BASED ARTWORK, in which Tweets featuring the words "Free Speech" were live-streamed,

                             uncensored, to a wall projection in the gallery and on-line.

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